Ranking Brands of Root Beer as Someone you went to High School with


I had to go a few different places to find IBC, in the end it was worth it though. A little bit of a backstory, I loved root beer as a child. I was still unsettled on Pepsi vs Coke and Dr Pepper wasn’t always an option. Since I preferred dark pops to the light pops, root beer was the safe choice always. Those days have long passed and I felt the need to revisit the drink but two of these brands are new to me.

What better way to rank root beer than as people you went to high school with?

6. Faygo Root Beer


The weird girl that you had way too many classes with and she constantly argued with teachers.

Admittedly I have never been a huge fan of other flavors of Faygo. This was one of the two that I had never had before now, I see why. It was terrible. Really it felt like a flat version of the other brands, like a really washed down IBC. Points for the bigger size bottle, points for the balanced root beer taste, but that only goes so far.

5. A&W Root Beer

IMG_0336.JPGA&W is that douchebag that everybody, including you, hung out with at one point and nobody really knows why. You all knew he was a douche, but he was everywhere.

A&W is more of the bite root beer than the creamy root beer. That being said it was the worst of the two bite style root beers. I think it’s so strange how many people love this brand. I appreciate the slight vanilla taste, it’s better than Faygo but not much else. I don’t get it, why is A&W in this conversation? Why is he getting in the car? Who invited this guy?

4. Mug Root Beer

IMG_0338.JPGThe friend you used to hang out with a lot. It’s always nice when you see each other still and you get along without any problems. You all just don’t hang out like you used to.

Mug was childhood Ian’s favorite root beer. The creamiest of all the mainstream root beer brands, if you like your root beer sweet, here it is. I had a hard time placing Mug fourth but it just didn’t match the other brands as well. Much better than A&W and Faygo, not far behind the third place drink. Still a good choice when you’re in the same place at the same time.

3. IBC Root Beer (Independent Breweries Company)

IMG_0333.JPGThe girl you thought was really nice and pretty, but you can’t remember her name.

IBC is the only glass bottle root beer to make the list, I would’ve appreciated more. It’s also made with real sugar, I think that’s how Mug got bumped to four. IBC has the true root beer taste and has the best all around taste. The combination of the sweet/creamy with the bite is perfectly portrayed in a bottle of IBC. Hopefully I can remember it next time I’m at the gas station.

2. Great Value Root BeerIMG_0337.JPGThat girl everybody thought was good looking, but nobody ever really went after her.

Listen guys, hear me out. I know it’s Great Value and I know I just placed it above several great brands… but its amazing. Just 84 cents and I got a 2-liter of the creamiest root beer I’ve ever had. I think if these were floats this would’ve been number one, but thats for another week. No bite to it at all so if thats your preference you’ll have to wait till number one. I know you’ve seen it walking through the aisle at Walmart, give it a chance, you never know what’ll happen

1. Barq’s

IMG_0334.JPG A cool guy, an athlete, everybody liked him. He was nice for the most part and popular, but he could be a little rough on the edges. A great guy with a somewhat hateful side.

Barq’s was the only brand that contained caffeine on the whole list. A great root beer but more so on the bite side than the creamy/sweet side. Barq’s is a fairly popular brand but the caffeine does knock it back a little bit since root beer is used by moms for their kids at restaurants. The convenience to a mom trying to order quick off a menu doesn’t knock the taste of this drink though. Even if he could be a dick sometimes, people still loved him.


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