Animal Crossing Might Save 2017

In our world plagued by a potential race war, a president that loves to golf, several natural disasters in a row, and a song like Bodak Yellow getting more attention than the masterpieces 2017 has given us (another time), Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is the game we need. Whatever your problem may be, I’m sure you’ll feel better after finding some fruit for your favorite animal friend.

Now as someone that has been playing this video games for almost my entire life, I am 100% behind Nintendo for this. Recently I have learned that there is a much bigger fanbase for these games than I ever truly realized. Pocket Camp will be different though, it won’t be quite like the games of past. And there is no need to fear this being another Pokemon GO where people lose their shit for a few weeks then not a single person plays it ever again.


For starters the new AC (Animal Crossing) is only available on smart devices, which means it will be much easier to get sucked in and lost than ever before. Also, you won’t be paying off a house and hanging out in your town anymore. This time you are a campsite manager and have your very own camper to travel around in.


So you have both a fully customizable campsite and camper.


Then there are also going to be the same activities as always…


But now you can play on your phone, on the go, with all your friends.


This game looks like it has the potential to take over just like Pokemon did, but hopefully we can all stay with it and build our campsites together. And sure, there are ways to put real money into this game. But as far as I’m concerned this a fun as hell, free-to-play, heavily addicting game I hope to see everyone else playing. I know that this year has been a bit of a drag and I know that the last thing anyone wants is something cluttering up their phone. But I know that I for one couldn’t be more excited for this game. I truly hope to see all my friends playing too once it comes out in late November to save everyone’s year.

Here’s the link to the full reveal video as well as the pre-registration for the game.

Everyone be sure to check back later for more posts by myself and the rest of the Mid-American Culture staff. You can check out some of the posts from last week while you’re here too and don’t forget about the weekly playlist.

Thanks for reading!

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