Five athletes you hate but have to respect.

Whether it’s an NFL quarterback on your rival team or an NBA star that’s dominating the league, there will always be superior athletes out there that just get on your nerves because they’re so damn good. Love them or hate them, here are five athletes you have to respect.

1. Tom Brady


Personally, I hate this mans’ guts, and the entire New England Patriots franchise for that matter. But I have to admit, no quarterback in recent NFL history has been quite as dominant as Tom Brady. It physically hurts watching how good he really is. Brady released a statement recently that he believes he can play in the NFL until he’s 45, and I totally agree. I actually think he can play at this same caliber up until 45, and then start the decline from then on. Hell, he could probably play until he’s 50. I hate his guts, but I have to respect this guy.

2. Kevin Durant


I’m probably just like you. The type of person who didn’t really mind KD’s existence, and recognized his talent while he played for the Oklahoma City Thunder. But it was the decision to leave his origins to chase a ring that set it off for me. I consider him 2010 LeBron James 2.0. Even though his decision to move to Golden State paid off considering their Championship win this past season, I still feel it was a bit cheap. KD is phenomenal player, his Finals MVP status clearly backs that up, but his whole legacy just gets under my skin.

3. Ben Roethlisberger


Being a Cincinnati Bengals fan, you can see where the hate stems from. The routine of the Bengals looking like they have a chance of finally beating the Steelers just to have Big Ben crap all over that idea gets really, really frustrating. I wouldn’t quite set Big Ben at the level where Tom Brady sits, but he for sure has been a real threat to the NFL for several years. With all the gained weight and years passed you’d think he’d slow down a bit. Not at all, and that baffles me to no end. The hatred from the Bengals-Steelers rivalry doesn’t quite outweigh my respect for Big Ben, but one more sexual harassment accusation might set it over the edge. (Sorry, the salty Bengals fan came out of me)

4. Steph Curry


Another Warriors player Jordan? What gives? I know, I know. This is still the salty fan in me coming out. The Warriors are to the NBA as the Patriots are to the NFL: too damn good. Love him or hate him, Steph Curry is one of the most entertaining players to watch of all time. His size and agility allow him to weave through defenders with ease, and not to mention his shot. Hating Steph just comes with hating the Warriors. What gets me the most is that cocky aura he always puts off. Now 98% of the time he usually has the right to have it, but it gets pretty annoying. And for the love of everything Holy, keep the damn mouth-piece in your mouth. There’s hardly ever a time where we see him without it being chewed on halfway out of his cheek or being chucked at a ref or fan. On behalf of most NBA fans, stop being so damn good Steph.

5. LeBron James


If you didn’t see this coming, I’m not sure why you even clicked on this article in the first place. Arguably the best basketball player of all time, LeBron James has gotten a very mixed rep. With his praise of possibly being the best, comes his haunting past of leaving the Cavaliers in 2010 to chase rings with the Miami Heat, something I think fans will never let him live down (I personally haven’t). Like most people I have a love-hate relationship with LeBron James. I love his leadership and role-playing abilities on the court, but some of his past principles haven’t been too great. Nevertheless, you have to admit he’s one of, if not the greatest player of all time.

Hope you enjoyed this list of athletes you hate but have to respect. Come back to Mid-American Culture every day for fresh new content, and be sure to check out Weekly Waves Vol. 3 on Spotify and Apple Music.

Author: Jordan Miller

19 year old college student and gaming enthusiast. I post on Wednesdays.

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