The Most Powerful Cartoon Characters of All-Time

Over the years there have been countless cartoons featuring a plethora of powerful protagonists. However, I am here today to rank the 10 most powerful we have ever seen on the small screen.

10. Larry the Lobster (Spongebob Squarepants)


The strongest man under the sea. Larry the lobster is seen countless times throughout the series out lifting any fish under the sea. From moments like lifting whole crowds to flexing with King Neptune, his strength is not to be doubted.


Living like Larry is a feat of strength unlike any other.


9. Wonder Woman (DC Comics)


 The Amazon Princess,  Diana Prince, or Princess Diana of Themyscira, founding member of the Justice League, not to mention goddess, is a force to reckon with. The  strongest female in her universe and more powerful than most other characters in other universes she comes in at 9. With her powers and tools like the lasso of truth and her indestructible bracelets, she could take down most candidates that didn’t make the top 10 and even some that did.


A symbol of girl power Wonder Woman places as the 2nd most powerful female of all time.


8. Voltron (Voltron)


Voltron, a giant robot made out of 5 robot lions, comes in at 8 on the list. The Legendary Defender is probably one of the more underrated characters on the list but still comes in at 8 for one simple reason. In every single episode of the classic show, they first begin the fight as separate lions and got their asses beat every single time. If they had started as one big robot with the giant wicked sword, maybe they’d place a little higher.


But the 5 lions are stopping anybody higher on this list.


7. Marceline the Vampire Queen (Adventure Time)


Marceline, a half-demon and half-human who is 100% vampire. Her father is the demon ruler of the Nightosphere. She is one of the few characters to truly scare Jake and Finn. Wielding her ax bass she has a ton of powers; soul sucking, levitation, pyrokinesis, telekinesis, invisibility, necromancy, rapid healing, and others. But most important of all…


…she can turn into this giant bat monster thing that is absolute menacing. At 7 Marceline is the most powerful female among all cartoon universes.


6. Optimus Prime (Transformers)


Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots, a giant friggin robot from a far away planet torn apart by robot civil war. He has come back from death multiple times, destroyed planet sized Decepticons, and has the ability to be a really cool semi-truck. Here is the reason this pure hero and pure badass only ranks at 6.


At times he’s the powerful leader everyone needs him to be, other times he’s the weakest guy in the field and gets shot one time and instantly turns into scrap metal. Its disappointing and halts him from a high ranking on the list.


5. He-Man (Masters of the Universe)


It feels wrong not ranking He-Man any higher but I just couldn’t see him beating the top guys in a fight. It brings me great pride to be this committed to non-biased placement of these characters. Prince Adam summons the power of Grayskull and along with his cat Cringer and they become He-Man and Battle Cat the most powerful man and animal duo that comes to my mind. I truly wish I could put him higher on the list. I mean look at this picture of him straight up moving a moon.


How many people do you know that could move a moon?

Well I’ve got a few names for you…


4. Popeye (Popeye the Sailor)


Say what you want about my list, you can’t convince me this man doesn’t deserve to be number 4. He’s gonna pull a can of spinach out of his shirt, perhaps consume it through his pipe, then beat the crap out of the first 6 people I named. The debate for me was He-Man vs Popeye, but let’s be real… That sword would’ve crunched into an accordion on Popeye.

 Unknown-2 copy

And look at that form, he’s gonna wind his arm up and knock Optimus Prime into a pile of metal somebody is trying to sell, or hit Larry so hard when he lands he’s on a plate with a biscuit or something crazy like that. If he was any more powerful I’d think he could beat number 3, but… He’s not quite there…


3. Saitama (One-Punch Man)


The One-Punch Man, Saitama doesn’t exactly need (or have) an explanation. Through a very precise workout plan (lol) he is capable of using one single punch to absolute destroy almost any enemy. (As pictured below)


But as I said, almost any enemy…


2. Goku (Dragon Ball )


Yes. Goku comes in at number 2. As a Saiyan and the most powerful character in his universe, Goku almost tops this list. I fully believe he is beyond the power of the other members of this list. goku_counters_cooler_rock_splatter_1

I mean I give him credit for all he deserves, but there’s only one person who can top this list…


1. Superman (DC Comics)


I said it. Superman is more powerful than Goku. He is stronger than Goku. He is faster than Goku, but in fighting speed Goku wins. However, Superman also has a few other powers and between that and the ability to bench press the weight of the Sun… images

Well who else could I pick? He destroys everyone else on this list. 132e2e8235c43ed3d96eb05eb1f4dc6113267745_hq


Honorable Mentions:

Kenny (South Park) & Buttercup (The Powerpuff Girls)

Kenny wouldn’t stay down from a beating from any member of this list and he get’s a round of applause from me.

Buttercup is super badass and could shred most of the characters that came close to making the list, maybe even a few who did. But as a hateful little girl, she comes close but not quite.



There you have it folks! My list for the Top 10 Most Powerful Cartoon Characters of All-Time, be sure to read my other posts or check out content by the other writers as well as listen to the Weekly Waves playlist!

6 thoughts on “The Most Powerful Cartoon Characters of All-Time”

  1. you forget is Bug bunny is 1st….Bugs Bunny has destroyed every villian ever. Confederate generals, pirates, gangsters, Hitler, opera singers and etc…even thanos.


  2. This list isn’t a list of the most powerful cartoon characters ever, it’s a list of cartoon charaters that you personally like. Saitama is stronger than everyone on this list rolled into one and then multiplied. And where’s Zeno? You can’t make a list without Zeno. You can’t make a list when you aren’t cultured enough in cartoons to choose between characters. I’m guessing you’ve just watched these ten shows that the characters are from, so this isn’t a list at all, it’s random shows that you’ve watched. You couldn’t even number this “list” correctly either, which should have been much easier than going and finding characters to add to this “list”


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