Local Music Highlight: Taj Jamal

This weeks highlight isn’t just a really good rapper, he’s also a really good skater.

Taj Jamal is the biggest showcase of raw talent I’ve seen in local music. With one project on Soundcloud from 2 years ago, one has to assume something new is coming.

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 7.31.37 PM

The Twistin Up Spaceships EP is a beautiful but short project thats a great intro to a rapper who has a lot to give listeners. The most played track on the EP is Black Cloud, but I think it gets even better than that.

Blah Blah featuring Jon-X and the aggressive F.W.N. are my favorites among his catalog. These tracks really give light to his heavy bars and gorgeous flow. These songs are so easy to vibe or bump and then vibe or bump again. With infectious hooks, I definitely recommend at least listening to these two.

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 7.32.37 PM

The newest addition to the epic list of songs is the music & history remix and it is more than worth the listen. Showing the steps that have taken in the evolution of Taj Jamal’s skills. Also accessible on the Soundcloud there are several features that can help people view the levels of talent that this rapper possesses.

I can’t wait to see what else is in store from Taj Jamal. The heavy lyrics, wavy beats, and catchy hooks are exciting when thinking of future projects. Listening to his music makes me think of some sort of Hodgy Beats & A$AP Rocky mix, but somehow better. Check out the Soundcloud and follow him on Twitter to stay up to date with Taj Jamal.

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