This EA-Star Wars Thing Isn’t Working Out

Electronic Arts.

When you hear that name, what comes to mind? It should evoke feelings of grace, of pride, and of artistry. However, to most gamers today, it evokes feelings of anger, disappointment, and anxiety of one’s wallet. Time after time, EA has screwed up multiple games that sounded fun on paper. This is seen most prominently in their treatment of Star Wars games, as two recent examples are fresh in gamers’ minds.

Photo from @EAStarWars

First, there was going to be a new Star Wars game directed by Uncharted director Amy Hennig and developed by Visceral Games, of Dead Space fame. Gameplay and story were said to be similar to Uncharted, and the characters were said to use more guns as opposed to lightsabers and the force. This sounded awesome, but EA recently shut Visceral down, like many studios in the past, and the game is said to be undergoing a revamp. It was said that the lack of recognizable stuff like lightsabers was a factor in that decision. That makes no sense. Wouldn’t more diversity in a landmark franchise like Star Wars be considered a good thing? Wouldn’t the same old characters, settings and weapons be stale after so many interpretations. That’s like if every Game of Thrones spin off ever had to take place at Winterfell.

I know, that’d get old. You’d be wishing for something else in no time.

ea star wars
This could’ve been awesome. This was only a 5 second glimpse at E3 2016

Speaking of recognizable elements, EA is also messing that up with Star Wars Battlefront II. Recently, there has been an uproar about how you unlock characters like Luke Skywalker in the game. If you want him, you would need to earn many credits in the game, by either playing for hours or paying for loot boxes with real money. That’s not how games should be designed. Unlockables aren’t always a bad thing, but when they are literally taking a year to unlock without real money, that is when it becomes unethical. EA’s explanation on a subreddit recently became the most down-voted comment in the history of Reddit, and it wasn’t even a competition.

And if the game is as bland as the first one was… oh boy.


EA, if you happen to be reading this (which you probably aren’t), just look. Look at all of the damage that you have done to such a beloved IP. Look at the outrage. It cannot be ignored any longer. Micro transactions in gaming need to die. Bring back cheat codes. At least they’re charming.


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Author: Chase Edwards

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