Shiro of Voltron and Capitalism

So the wife and I just finished season three of Netflix’s Volrton: Legendary Defender and it took us forever after blowing through the first two seasons. I love the show so much because of the willingness to not just remake the original Lion Force anime or even the 1980’s American dub which I was all about in elementary school, serious I would scarf down dinner so fast just so I could be off the table and into the living room before the opening title. The brilliance of the Netflix series was the taking of story threads and changing and evolving them into new surprises for a whole new show.


This is gonna get spoiler for anyone who has not watched any of the Netflix series yet so turn back now if you don’t wanna know stuff…………………….. still here? Cool.

So anyway, Pidge on the new series is actually a girl, she’s looking for her father and brother. Completely changing the sex of an original series character is cool to me. It came as a surprise that I didn’t see coming until the started planting pretty evident seeds that Pidge was not what he/she seemed. It was fun. The series also invited a new character named Shiro who would end up piloting the Black Lion. He has a badass Spartacus vibe about him. He’s a thoughtful and developed warrior. His death has been the season cliffhanger for the first two seasons which was a little annoying, well he disappeared and the end of season 2, not dead just gone. This was fine and the heroes journey of storytelling and all that. However, what got me was it was now leading the show into the territory of the original 80’s cartoon. Keith was piloted the Red Lion in the new series had to take over and become the leader. This is only bad because that was the exact way it was in the original. This move led to Princess Allura joining the Paladins to pilot the Blue Lion. She had massive growth as a character from the original series to the new one. She had become a general of sorts commanding the overall team in this modern version. She was her own woman. Nope, lets stick her in the Blue Lion just like in the 80’s. I got bored. Our progress through season 3 stalled for months. Even though Shiro was found alive, he was now performing the Allura duty of generally commanding the force and not piloting a Lion.

I think this situation speaks to my own personal taste of loving cover songs when a new band takes on a well played songs and then totally twists it up to be unique. If you are gonna cover someone else’s hit, make damn sure you make it your own and don’t just be a tribute band to the original. I feel the same way about this show.

Then I saw a GIF of Shiro in the Black Lion and he’s telling it to trust him again. Well Hell, now I’m back on board and finished season 3 this morning over coffee. I just read an article where the series creators said they were forced to bring Shiro back way sooner then they wanted to because the executives demanded it. They had toys to sell and the Shiro Black Lion combo was apparently a big seller. Thanks for something capitalism, and thank you for reading this blog. Happy Saturday!


Author: mburnsoh

I'm a geek of all sorts, I love comics and philosophy. I also dig on movies, music, books and tons of other things. I'm a dad to a wonderful troupe of munchkins. Life is good, but never content to accept it, always think I can do better.

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