Who is the best rapper in the Migos?

The group as a whole is amazing, one of the best rap groups we’ve ever known. Each of the three members have their own level of talent and skill but together they make gifts to your iTunes like Culture. However, today I’m talking about individual members and who is the best of the three. A question I’ve had trouble with in the past and look forward to settling.



Quavo is essentially the leader of the Migos. He was the first of the three to truly branch out to make his own name known. In 2015, on Surf by Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment (Chance the Rapper’s people) Quavo has a feature on the song “Familiar” which I absolutely love. He and King Louie kill the features there. This being 2 years after “Hannah Montana” and 2 years before Culture. Quavo is the best of the three when it comes to hooks, this is where he strives. That being said, I can’t think of a single track where Quavo has the “wow” verse. Guest appearances or Migos songs he never has the standout performance. His feature on Post Malone’s “Congratulations” is one worth noting though. All the work he has done collaborating with Travi$ Scott has been amazing too. The way his sound fuses with the style of Scott is always satisfying.




Let’s start with the hard, sad facts. Takeoff was left off “Bad and Boujee”. It might not look like it…


…but this doesn’t convince me he wasn’t left off. (that’s him there in the back) Offset has a breakout performance, Quavo is in his element, and Uzi has a gorgeous feature to top off the biggest Migos track to date. Now. Takeoff does have the ability to steal the spotlight, in “Deadz” featuring 2 Chainz, Takeoff goes in. It’s the 2nd best verse of the song (come on guys 2 Chainz is the G.O.A.T.) but its one of the harder verses on the album. He also doesn’t appear on “Slide” by Calvin Harris which features Quavo, Offset, and Frank Ocean, which is probably the best song on that album. Instead he is on “Holiday” along with Snoop Dogg and John Legend, which he holds his own alongside these 2 legends for quite a formidable verse. But really thats about it for Takeoff, thats all there really is to say. Never forget kids, he was left off “Bad and Boujee”…




Offset handles most of “Bad and Boujee” and he isn’t on “Back Hurt” by A$AP Ferg. That right there is quite an argument in itself. The first of which being the song that made the Migos superstars and the latter of which should be a great song. Ferg featuring the Migos??? That should be a banger. “Trap Anthem” by Ferg featuring Migos is better, but this song…without Offset…is just painful. I can’t help but think Offset’s presence would’ve saved it. Then theres the Yachty features. “Dipset” featuring Offset is the best of all Yachty guest verses from the Migos. I love Quavo’s, “I love my Motorola”, but this verse has a bouncy flow and a great Ric Flair reference. (I’m not bringing up “Peek a boo”) Then theres a plethora of great Offset features worth noting, “With a Vengeance” by Ski Mask the Slump God (most vicious verse of 2017, gives me chills when I hear it), “Willy Wonka” by Macklemore (he made a Macklemore song worth listening to), “Headlock” by Cousin Stizz (I love me some Cousin Stizz), “Patek Water” by Future and Young Thug, “Minute” by Nav and Metro Boomin also with Playboi Carti, and every one of these features is worth noting. Offset has given the hardest, waviest, and best guest verses this year in my opinion. All with superior flows and several lines worth pointing out. But the biggest testament to the case for Offset for best Migo is Without Warning. 21 Savage, Offset, and Metro Boomin dropped a surprise mixtape on Halloween with one song featuring Travi$ Scott and another with Quavo and they did not disappoint. The hardest project of the year without a doubt in my mind. The dark trap production by Metro, the always wonderful dark and angry bars from 21, and the dark and wavy Offset verses combine for a work of art. “Ric Flair Drip” is a solo cut from Offset and I dare you to name a better song to bump while cruising in the car than this one. And from his guest features, to his display in Migos songs, as well as the missing elements from songs he is absent in, and Without Warning, I think the case is clearly made.

Quavo is a fantastic artist and Takeoff has bars for days…but…Offset takes the cake for the best rapper in the group Migos. (Not sure about his taste in women though)

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you agree with my choice or not and be sure to check back every day for more content by the Mid-American Culture staff and make sure you listen to the Weekly Waves playlist available now.

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