Local Music Highlight: DreBandzz

You remember Mac Talk right? Three Huntington rappers talking about life in the trap and all that goes with it. If you don’t remember or perhaps you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years but decided you wanted to read this article…


This is Mac Talk.



The song has racked up tons and tons of views on Soundcloud and YouTube, but today I wanna shed light on just one of the Mac Talk rappers. DreBandzz who goes first on the song has came to claim the local hip-hop crown once again. Before she was the mastermind behind the song that blew us all away, there was another banger.


Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 5.15.36 PM.png

First of all, free Bobby Shmurda. Second of all, as much as I love the original I truly appreciate these two matching the standard that Bobby set. The Bobby Bitch cover was over 2 years ago and yet theres so much promise in the pronunciation and flow and lyrics DreBandzz already brought to the table.



Fast forward to 2017 and DreBandzz has a new song out. Its amazing. Locc Up is a step in an even more talented direction than all previous tracks. A track that you could listen and vibe to in any moment. The bars and beat combine for a head bobbing experience like no other. The track has wonderful beats, bars, and features and everyone should listen to it. Clearly she has reclaimed the Huntington hip-hop crown.


Follow DreBandzz on Twitter and Soundcloud to keep up to date on more song and video releases!

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With tweets like this one you have to assume Dre has some new heat coming. Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 7.27.06 PM

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