A Holiday Snack Review

Now that Thanksgiving has passed us, the vibe of the year changes from “cozy, homey, autumn bliss” to “joyful, cheerful, merry Christmas” time. And with this aesthetic change, we are also confronted with a marketing and commercial change as well. Stores are in the process of transitioning from injecting pumpkin spice “flavorings” into whatever they can get their hands on, to lining shelves and stores with new Yuletide treats. And coffee conglomerate Starbucks is no exception. The red theming is back with full force, and, since the semester is winding down (and I have excess flex dollars to waste), I thought I’d do a little holiday treat review, just to get everyone’s holiday juices flowin’.

Today I’m going to try out Starbucks’ new peppermint brownie cake pop. How something can be both a brownie and cake, I don’t know, but, at first glance, the pop looks incredibly appealing. The brownie is enrobed in a white chocolate shell, and decorative candy cane crumbles and coarse sugar surround the pop. They even added a festive red ribbon pattern around the stick. I gotta hand it to you Starbucks, you sure do know how to make pretty lookin’ pops.

Here’s my pop

Starbucks’ official description of the item is “A delightful treat with peppermint chocolate cake, white chocolate frosting and festive bits of crunchy candy cane pieces.” So, it’s not a brownie, but a cake? Make up your minds, Starbucks! Well, whatever.

I bought two so I could include a second opinion (thanks Chase!)

Now the moment we all (…well, I) have been waiting for: the taste test. At first bite, I was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting the candy cane pieces to be way too hard, but they actually crumbled pretty easily, a fact my molars were incredibly thankful for. The…cake? Brownie? Whatever it is, it was very moist and delicious. The cake had that classic decadent chocolate taste, as well as a subtle peppermint accompaniment, made all the more evident by the candy cane pieces adorning the outside. The white chocolate flavor, while maybe a bit subtle, helped knock off some of the peppermint, preventing it from overtaking the pop. The coarse sugar, while not adding much flavor, did help to reinforce the crunchy texture of the candy canes, as well as adding an aesthetic touch.

Also, while cake pops might look mighty small, they’re actually a more satisfying snack than you might anticipate. You could muster maybe up to five individual bites out of a single cake pop. I only really have one complaint here, and it’s a pretty minor one. The stick holding my cake pop was slightly askew, so when I went for my second bite, I jammed the stick against my mouth. I don’t know how that happened, but it wasn’t too big a catastrophe.

This stick wasn’t doctored in any way

Overall, I can safely say that Starbucks’ new peppermint brownie cake pop is one of the best treats I’ve ever had from there. The moist, luscious brownie, the subtle peppermint taste, the great look, it’s got a lot going for it. I don’t know what it is about chocolate and mint, but it’s one of the best flavor combinations out there (mint chocolate chip is the best ice cream, after all!). Next time you stop in to pick up a coffee, I highly recommend that you give this cake pop a go. You won’t be disappointed. I give the pop a 10/10. Chase also tried a pop, and he noted the incredible balance among the flavors, declaring “That’s how you know it’s Christmas.”

This pop gets two thumbs up

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