Overwatch: How is something so tilting so addictive?

Hello people of the Internet, Jordan again with another post. Have you ever discovered a thing that pisses you off to no extent, but you still love it? No, your girlfriend doesn’t count. For me personally, this thing has been Overwatch. There’s things about this game that just drive me up the wall but I still continue to love it, here’s a little bit of my insight on the game.

For those of you who live under a rock, and aren’t really sure what Overwatch is, it’s a team-based multiplayer online FPS (first-person shooter) developed by Blizzard Entertainment. It assigns players into two teams of six, with each player selecting a pre-defined character, called a “hero” from the roster of 26. These heroes are categorized into roles such as Offensive, Defensive, Support, and Tank. Players coordinate the best balance of heroes to use on a variety of maps and game-modes to ensure their victory.

That’s the Wikipedia definition. MY definition would be something like “weird humanoid and animal-ish creatures with strange abilities that are all over-powered come together to fight in a giant, rage-inducing deathmatch.”

When i say “weird humanoid and animal-ish creatures,” I’m not kidding. You can tell by the cover photo of this article exactly what I mean. Ranging from skinny cyberninjas who defy all laws of physics by changing directions mid-jump, to giant space gorillas armed with weapons that harness the power of Emperor Palpatine. It’s pretty whacky.

Now this game sounds super badass, right? Correct! BUT, there’s something about this game that makes me feel like I’m peeling back a hangnail. That’s the overpowered characters in this game. Here’s some backgrounds to the characters I’m referring to.

junkrat-screenshot-004Firstly, Junkrat, an Offensive hero. I honestly don’t have any idea what the hell this thing is. Some human/rat looking thing with an obsession for explosives. Don’t get me wrong, explosions should probably be pretty powerful in any video game. But this hero’s damage output is downright ridiculous. When most heroes on the game have a health of anywhere from 150-300 HP, a gun that shoots grenades with 120 damage if it explodes anywhere within your general vicinity is r i d i c u l o u s. Along with that, he was equipped with a C4 he could toss a short distance to do some serious damage as well. The best part? Blizzard thought that that wasn’t enough, and gave him ANOTHER one. Last but not least, along with all the other perks he has, he has the ability to drop grenades after he dies like some COD4 martyrdom action. So even after death, he still has a HIGH chance of killing you.tracer_videothumb

Secondly, Tracer, another Offensive hero. The skinniest, fastest, most annoying character in the game. Armed with two high-rate-of-fire pistols in each hand, the power to teleport, and the power to go back in time to recover health, there’s no doubt that this character is the most annoying to play against. It wouldn’t be that annoying if she didn’t get these abilities literally so soon between uses. Her teleport ability is called “Blink” and the time warp ability is called “Recall” so if you want an idea of how it is to play against a Tracer, here’s a rundown. *UNLOADS BOTH MAGAZINES* *BLINK* *UNLOADS* *BLINK* *UNLOADS* *REALIZES SHE’S LOW HEALTH* *RECALL* *REPEAT* Even typing that out pissed me off.uwoyyxfatfquaup5wtif

Last but not least, the newest hero to Overwatch, Moira. I honestly couldn’t tell you what role this hero is supposed to be. She can heal at unimaginable rates, do serious damage, and move insanely fast when using her ultimate ability, which is pretty similar to a Goku Kamehameha. She can use her left hand to heal her teammates with a sand-like spray, and use her right hand to use a damaging beam of energy that locks on to opponents within her vicinity. Not to mention the orbs she can send bouncing around the map, healing teammates or doing a serious amount of damage to enemies. Usually when a new hero is released, we can always expect them to be overpowered as hell. I just hope Blizzard realizes this and fixes her soon.

I could go on and cover about 6 or 7 more heroes in the game that just get under my skin, but I’ll save that for another time.

All in all, I still love this game…. for some reason. No game has ever made me as pissed off as this one. The desk punches, headset throws, and profanity screams have been at an all time high with this game, but I’m still addicted like crazy. I think the hype of winning just slightly outweighs the despair of losing.

If you don’t own Overwatch, I suggest you give it a try. It’s available on platforms like PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this analysis of some pretty cancerous heroes on my favorite game. Check back every day for more fresh content and be sure to give Weekly Waves Vol. 6 on Spotify and Apple Music!


Author: Jordan Miller

19 year old college student and gaming enthusiast. I post on Wednesdays.

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