Local Music Highlight: Rezzy

This week’s local music is on Rezzy, the mumble rap kingpin in tri-state hip-hop.Rezzy and the Noisy Boys gang only have a handful of songs between them. 2 of them are solo cuts from Rezzy that have performed quite well, sweet dreams and smokessweet dreams is a smooth love song with lyrics far from as calm as Rezzy’s demeanor. Almost chilling throughout, sweet dreams is a very different side of Rezzy compared to smokes. smokes is a more aggressive and bass heavy track, with the hook “Imma smoke till its gone,” the song is beautifully constructed.

Tinkerbell  is a Young Spazzy track featuring Rezzy. More similar to sweet dreams in the overall tone, its more like smokes in the sense the way Rezzy carries himself. The back and forth between the duo is goosebumps inducing, I’m a sucker for that kind of stuff. Rezzy has all the bars, all the sounds, all the flow, and all the style, so everyone be sure to look into his music. Personally I like Tinkerbell the best but smokes is great too.

With word that Spazzy and the Noisy Boys have projects coming we have to assume that means more music from Rezzy is just around the corner. Follow Rezzy on Twitter here, Spazzy on Twitter here, the Noisy Boys here to stay up to date on music releases.

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