Reviews Through a Friend: K. Flay’s “Every Where Is Some Where”

Upon my first listen of “Every Where Is Some Where” by K. Flay, I was fairly surprised.  Apple Music listed the genre as Alternative and that certainly wouldn’t be the words I’d use at all.

Experimental might be a better word for it, as I found multiple styles laced throughout the track list. Quickly I found myself thinking of 2 other albums I had heard. At one point the Black Keys released an album under the name “Blakroc


where the rock duo teamed up with several classic hip hop artists for an experimental album. The other was when the electronic duo Phantogram teamed up with former Outkast member Big Boi to make the trio called Big Grams


 which I absolutely love. Blakroc and Big Grams are both just as different and unique sounding as K. Flay is here. The synthesizers and bass sound almost EDM style, but there is also a rich rock background. However, the most important thing I want to talk about here, are the lyrics. She’s pissed off like Alanis Morissette but her bars are unrivaled. Over the electronic/rock/hip-hop inspired sounds K. Flay relentless spits bar after bar blowing my mind.


That’s the look of a pure punk rock badass, but I found her to be one of the most intriguing artists I have ever listened to. Track 7 or “Mean It” which is featured on this weeks Weekly Waves is the deep lyricism I was expecting her to get to and I was not disappointed. Her song “Blood in the Cut” or track 3 has made her a Grammy-nominated artist and that doesn’t come easily. She is up for both “Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical” and “Best Rock Song”. The final individual song I want to talk about is “Champagne” or track 4. The beat for this song practically took my breath away and I fell in love with it. Thus also leaving it to be featured on this week’s playlist.

Overall “Every Where Is Some Where” was an amazing and unique listening experience that I heavily recommend, listen to her music yourself in the Weekly Waves playlist available on Apple Music and Spotify. Check back later today for my Local Music Highlight piece as well as every day this week for more reviews on the albums we used to make this weeks playlist.

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