The Greatest YouTube Channel You’ve Never Heard Of

I must apologize for the clickbaity title, but this is something that more people need to be aware of. I’ve been watching videos on YouTube for years and years at this point, and, since it’s such an expansive service, you’re bound to come across some bizarre stuff every now and again. And some of these obscure findings can quickly become some of your favorite channels and videos, and this is exactly what happened when my brothers and I discovered the greatest channel the Internet has ever known.


Imagine: staying up late one night and watching TV. You know those really shitty “funny video” compilations with obscure celebrities that air on Tru TV? Well, Chase and I were watching one of those one night when a clip featuring a music video was displayed. In the video, a middle-aged man with a killer mustache, operatic falsetto, and dad jeans started wailing a 70s-esque rock tune. Unfunny commentary from the Tru TV cast notwithstanding, this was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

You know, these shows

The video was “Without You” by Mark Gormley, and the channel was called the Uncharted Zone. Originally, UZ was a public access show, broadcast in the Pensacola, FL area, which displayed local musicians’ music videos. But, as YouTube became more convenient to use, creator Phil Thomas Katt, a musician himself, transitioned UZ into a YouTube channel. The channel features songs of all genres: rock, synthpop, hip-hop, R&B, country, pop, you name it. There are hundreds and hundreds of music videos on the channel, ranging from breathtakingly hilarious to legitimately great music. The channel, however, is something that needs to be seen to be believed, and I implore you: if you have a YouTube account, subscribe to the Uncharted Zone immediately. The channel currently has just over 13,000 subscribers, but I see no reason why they shouldn’t have at least 100k.


As a sort of introduction to the channel, I decided that I’ll share with you some essential UZ videos that give you a feel for the channel. But there are soooooo many more that are worth seeing.

UZ Essentials

Without You- Mark Gormley

As I mentioned earlier, this video was the impetus behind my admiration for this channel, and this is by far their most popular upload. The Gorm’s voice combined with the 70s rock instrumentals and varied landscapes in the video are a perfect introduction to UZ. But please, make sure you check out all of the Gorm’s videos, because he is a god among men.

The Enterprise Room- Phil Thomas Katt

The lovable PTK is the creator and manager of UZ, and, being a musician himself, several of his videos are on the channel, but none are as stellar as The Enterprise Room. This song describes good times at a bar in the 80s, all backed by 80s-era synthpop instrumentals. Check it out:

Hold On- Javonte’ Powell

This R&B track was originally created as a project for the Boys and Girls Club, but PTK rightfully decided that it be shared with the world. Javonte’ Powell has some killer pipes, and this track is one of the best UZ has to offer.

Light My Fire- Todd Barnes

This video is a bit of a trainwreck, but is still unparalleled in its greatness. Todd Barnes covers The Doors’ classic tune in a karaoke setting, and this video features North America’s very first Fire Maiden. Beware.

Pack My Bags- Michael McCartan

When we showed Ian this video, his jaw remained dropped for the entire duration. That’s all I’m gonna say about this one, because it becomes very evident as to why our fellow Mid-American Culture contributor reacted this way.

Baptised in Plastisol- MDFL

MDFL, in PTK’s words, is “a politically charged three-piece technical noise grind assault unit, hellbent on vape defamation.” If that wild description isn’t enough to suck you in, then I don’t know what is. This video leaves us speechless, but at least the band (especially the drummer), is having a hell of a time.

There are countless others I could’ve included: the blues stylings of Ricky Whitley, the comedy tunes from Rusty & Mike, and many others. But I sincerely believe these six provide a great introduction to what UZ is about. While these videos may be hilarious to laugh at, I honestly do really admire PTK and UZ for providing an outlet for independent artists to share their music with the world. And, since they’re sitting at over 13k subs right now, they must be doing something right. Once again, I highly, highly suggest you go to their channel and subscribe because this channel can provide you with hours and hours of entertainment, and supporting independent musicians is always a good move.

Thank you so much for reading. If you want to support more independent artists, make sure you check out Ian’s Local Music Highlights. Also, check out our latest Weekly Waves Playlist. And I sincerely hope you all try out UZ, because it is, truly, the greatest YouTube channel in the universe.




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