The New Craze in the Xbox and Playstation World

There is currently a new craze taking all over the online Xbox and Playstation communities. This of course is the newest release of Fortnite. Now this game has already been introduced to PC gamers, but for these simple minded 2K and Madden guys like me, this game was mind blowing.

I first noticed this trend whenever I got on Playstation. As I scrolled through my friends list, everybody was playing it, and I was left alone with nobody to play with (as normal). Then, the talk of this “Fortnite” carried into work, and I gave in and downloaded it. And I am truly glad I did despite a few flaws.

New Idea

This idea is 100% new to me. Fortnite is a 100 person, fight to the death, in which you have to jump out of a flying school bus. You can do this challenge solo, in doubles, and in squad (3-4 players). This game is fun alone, but, like most things, it is truly better with friends. The map is huge and you can go until the final twenty people without seeing anybody. What I really like about it is the storm. The storm is this thing that takes away health from your character until your are within the designated area within the given time limit.


The graphics are one of my favorite things about the game, but is a turn-off for many others. The graphics are very similar to those you see in the Borderlands series. I have always had a thing for graphics like that and it just seems to seemingly draw me in.


I am not going to sit here and say this is the most perfect game ever created. Like most new games, it still has a few kinks. One kink that drives me absolutely crazy is closing the damn doors. When you go to close the doors on your way out, you can’t do it to fast because if you do, its gonna close you back into the room. Past that little rant, I have had murmurs of them having bad servers. I have not had one issue with the servers, and I am usually placed in a game within a few seconds.


Imagine if Minecraft had a love child with any third person shooter, and you have Fortnite. When you jump off the bus you are given the a more difficult decision than any you have ever been given, and that is where to land. If you’re like me and try to avoid any congested place, but some prefer to duke it out with everybody right off the bat. But whenever you land, you only have your trusty pick axe. Your pick axe can tear down almost anything in the game. This can help find a mystery chest which normally carries a number of things, and gather supplies in which you can build forts, traps, and anything else you damn well please. This game also contains a range of guns from pistols all the way to a missile launcher that you frantically try to find as soon as you land. Some guns are overpowering, while some you would rather just fight with your pick axe.


This section is very minimal, but this game is pretty damn funny. I find the names of the neighborhoods, cities, restaurants, and stores funny. These are the minor things that catch my attention. However, the funniest thing is you can transform into a bush if you are ever so fortunate to find one. Nothing is more satisfying than parading around as a bush and eliminating a unsuspecting victim with a rocket launcher. There are also a ton of easter eggs, but the coolest one is there a huge tribute the Transformer series because there is a big ass Optimus Prime out behind a trailer park.

Few Things I Would Like to See

There aren’t very many things I would like to see change, but theres are just a few. There are many cars and RVs scattered through out the maps, but they are only good for building supplies. If they could somehow integrate a way for us to drive certain cars are finding the key to it, the game would be extremely interesting. Imagine turning an RV into a fort. It would be badass. The map is plenty big enough, but a lot of people like having new stuff to explore. Then the final thing I want to see, is more weapons. This goes farther than the type of guns, but throwing in attachments you can find, and different ammo (incendiary rounds, electric, etc).

Overal, Fortnite is a great game, and you cannot beat the fact that it is free. The game can really suck you in for hours on end without you even noticing. However, this is all I have time for, but as always thank you for spending a portion of your Friday with me. Any feedback is highly appreciated and encouraged. Stay tuned for new and fresh daily content from the Mid-American crew and I.

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