Thoughts on “Sonic Forces”

Man, I wanted this game to be good. Sonic Forces is a game that had some potential to be the best Sonic game since Generations. I was excited to play it, I got it, and I’m here to tell you my honest opinions on this game. Truthfully, I thought that this was the most average game that I have ever played.

forces box art

I tried to convince myself that it leaned more towards the good side, but, no. It’s not good. That said, it’s not bad, either. I know everyone else has already given it extremely mediocre reviews, but I’m sorry, I feel pretty much the same way. Why, you may ask? Well, let’s start from the beginning.

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 2.58.51 PM

From the get-go, this game tries to have a darker tone than the last few games in the series. Dr. Eggman is meaner than ever, and he has created a new villain, Infinite. He uses his powers to create clones of three memorable villains from the series, and one from that game no one played.

(SPOILERS) You only get to fight two of them.

Sonic is easily defeated, and Knuckles then leads a resistance against the mad scientist. This is where your avatar comes in. It can’t control the elements or take down the Fire Nation, but it can use a grappling hook very well. I present to you all Blossom the Rabbit.

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 3.02.52 PM

That’s all I’m going to say about the plot, because it’s full of jarring shifts in tone and lame twists (Why is Omega in this game?). To list them all would take forever, so now I’m going to talk about how great the presentation is. The graphics are very pretty, although I didn’t really notice that big of a jump from Sonic Generations. All of the backgrounds look alive and the set pieces and paths you take look great.

Whereas the graphics are consistent, the soundtrack is not. Sonic games are known for their great soundtracks, and for the most part, this game is no exception. I found that the avatar stages had the most memorable tunes. You’d think the fact that they had lyrics would distract from the gameplay, but it didn’t really do that to me. The strongest track in these stages was found in the Prison level, where Blossom is trying to save Sonic. The lyrics are surprisingly well-done, and the instrumentals are nice.

A close second was the game’s theme song, “Fist Bump.” It perfectly sums up the game, with the Classic Sonic retro sound, Modern Sonic guitar, and Avatar/Modern Sonic lyrics all around making a great song.

Ah crap, I forgot to mention that Classic Sonic shows up in the beginning, too. I can’t blame myself, since he feels so shoehorned in. He just shows up through a portal due to Eggman’s “energy,” and hangs with Tails the whole game. Speaking of which, Tails’s reliance on the Sonics got annoying; didn’t Sonic Adventure have Tails learn to go on his own and be strong?

sonic mania.jpg
Didn’t we have enough Classic Sonic this year?

Anyway, about Classic Sonic’s music: they messed it up. All of his stages had annoying chip tunes that lack the charm of the original trilogy on Sega Genesis.

Sonic Generations didn’t always rely on a Genesis sound for Classic Sonic. Rooftop Run, for example, had a simpler melody than the modern one, and it would sound right at home in 16-bit.

So far, you can probably gather that I have extremely mixed opinions on this game, and I haven’t even talked about how it plays yet. Modern Sonic stages felt like they were more automated than they were in past 3D games in the series. Classic Sonic levels had physics that felt off, and they often felt soulless. The avatar stages are the ones that I had the most trouble with. Every time I jumped, I swear that Blossom was way too sensitive in the air. On one stage, this resulted in me falling to my death about ten times, and I still managed to get an A ranking somehow. The changeable “Wispon” guns were a fun addition, though I stuck to the fire gun.

All three of these kinds of stages were way too short, with an average of 2-4 minutes each. I’m not asking for half-hour stages or anything, but couldn’t these stages be doubled with more obstacles and gameplay mechanics? I would’ve like the game a lot more. As it is, however, it was a short, forgettable game that was a little bit of fun. It is literally one of the most average games that I have ever played, and because of that, I score Sonic Forces a 5/10. At least it was cheaper than other PS4 games.

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