The Definitive Top 20 Spongebob Squarepants Episodes: Part II (10-1)

Ahoy, mateys! In case you missed my last article, I started counting down my top 20 Spongebob episodes, and you can check out 20-11 here. Today I’m gonna finish off the list and reveal my top 10 episodes. So, let’s dive right in!

Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 5.06.20 PM

#10: Pressure


Another Season 2 classic, this episode is one of the more moral-based episodes of the show, while still featuring a gamut of jokes and gags. The basic plot of the episode is that Sandy clashes with the other main characters in a battle between land creatures and sea creatures. Similar to Pre-Hibernation Week and Tea at the Treedome, they really play with the whole “fish out of water” character traits of Sandy, and they even reverse the scenario by literally having Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs all go onto land for the first time, complete with live-action puppet sequences. In the end though, they all realize that everyone’s equal, and, to quote Spongebob himself, “no one’s best at everything.” Seriously, y’all, this is one of the most underrated episodes in the entire show.

This image always makes me laugh
And most of all, can you do THIS?
Once you get your land legs, it’s not so bad!


#9: Can You Spare A Dime?


One of the best episodes from Season 3, this episode portrays all of the Krusty Krab crew perfectly. Mr. Krabs accuses Squidward of stealing his first dime, and, after an ensuing argument, Squidward quits the Krusty Krab. Eventually, he ends up homeless and Spongebob agrees to take him in. The character traits of the three characters in this episode are all ace: Krabs’s miserly ways, Squidward’s grumpiness, and Spongebob’s gullibility and willingness to let Squidward crash with him. We see Squidward take advantage of Spongebob and put him at his breaking point, eventually allowing Squidward to work at the Krusty Krab again. This episode is really off-the-wall and fast-paced, allowing it to execute a bunch of jokes and wild bits. Can You Spare A Dime? is one of the funniest episodes of the series, and the ending reveal of the dime itself always elicits a laugh.

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 5.00.40 PM


Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 5.00.49 PM
Cause you and me…we’re like brothers…only closer

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 5.01.07 PMScreen Shot 2017-12-26 at 5.01.18 PM

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 5.01.32 PM
Me first dime!

#8: Sleepy Time


If you remember last week’s list, you’ll definitely recall that I put a bunch of Season 1 episodes on there. And, since Season 1 is my favorite season, you’ll see a few here in the top 10 as well. I can’t really explain it, but Season 1 just has better (in my opinion) animation, plots, and comedy, as well as a chill vibe I really love. Take this episode for example: the plot is literally just Spongebob (or, a dream version of Spongebob?) hijacking his friends’ dreams. I absolutely adore this plot not only because of its simplicity, but also because the dream scenarios allow for a bunch of creativity and playing around with the show’s characters. Gary dreams he’s a literature aficionado/intellectual, Patrick dreams he’s riding a kiddie ride (eventually running out of quarters and just sitting there), Squidward dreams he’s an accomplished clarinet player (who plays in front of a hilariously over-the-top king), Sandy dreams she’s skydiving, Pearl dreams a tea party, Mr. Krabs dreams of catching the Moby Dollar, and Plankton dreams of destroying Bikini Bottom. The way Spongebob interacts with these dreams and causes bad outcomes for the respective dreamers is hysterical, and I also love how they roped in every main character in this episode. I can’t sing Sleepy Time’s praises enough: it’s creative, funny, imaginative, and one of Season 1’s premiere episodes.

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 5.07.59 PM
Beware of your wandering eye, you little poriferan!
Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 5.08.18 PM
Shoot…that was my last quarter
Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 5.08.35 PM
I didn’t command you to stop, now play!

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 5.16.58 PMScreen Shot 2017-12-26 at 5.17.13 PMScreen Shot 2017-12-26 at 5.17.36 PM

#7: Frankendoodle

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 5.41.17 PM

This is one I’m sure most people were anticipating. This episode is one of the most quotable in the entire series, and it’s also one of the most densely gag-packed. In this episode, a magic pencil falls before Spongebob and Patrick, and the drawings made with it come to life. Eventually, an evil drawing of Spongebob comes to life and terrorizes Spongebob and Patrick. The live action scenes are really funny, and the drawings made with the magic pencil all allow a bunch of jokes to be made. Also, the way Spongebob defeats Doodlebob is a really creative ending. We’ve all seen this one and we all know it’s one of the best ones, right?

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 5.35.29 PM
Someone left me some money for a perm!
Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 5.36.20 PM
…you’re welcome
Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 5.36.29 PM
I am Spongebob, destroyer of evil!

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 5.39.58 PM

#6: Pizza Delivery

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 5.53.26 PM

Any Spongebob fan would include this as one of their favorites. The simple plot, combined with the building tension between Squidward and Spongebob, allows for a very funny episode. The plot is very bare bones: Someone calls the Krusty Krab and orders a pizza, and Spongebob and Squidward have to deliver it. The ending is one of the funniest moments of the entire show, and it’s nice to see Squidward stand up for Spongebob, especially considering the annoyance he had showed for him earlier in the episode. Also, the “where’s my drink?” fish is one of the biggest pricks in TV history.

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 5.54.18 PM

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 5.55.34 PM
Crashin’ frashin’ BREAK DANCERS!
Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 5.54.35 PM
Everyone knows the Krusty Krab pizza song

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 5.54.47 PM

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 5.54.56 PM
This dude’s a dick
Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 5.55.21 PM
Well this one’s on the HOUSE!

#5: SB-129

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.07.37 PM

Talk about a bizarre episode. The writers really funneled a lot of originality and unique scenarios into this episode, and seeing Squidward experience all of these hellish places and meet all these weird ancestors/future versions of Spongebob and Patrick is quite the journey. I love how they chose Squidward to be the subject of this episode. Since he’s one of the more rational characters, we can kind of empathize with him in these situations, but he still manages to screw things up. We also see Squidward in this purgatory-esque void of nothing but weird geometric shapes. I also love the colors in this episode: it’s very blue-green-yellow based. SB-129 is such a weird-ass episode, but it’s also one of the most creative and hilarious.

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.08.41 PM
I’ll be outta here in no time!

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.08.49 PMScreen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.09.10 PM

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.10.28 PM
Everything’s chrome in the future!

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.10.49 PMScreen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.11.04 PMScreen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.11.14 PM

#4: Wormy

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.13.30 PM

Wormy is an extremely chaotic episode that really plays off of Spongebob and Patrick’s naïveté. Spongebob and Patrick’s reactions to all of Sandy’s pets are subtle, yet they always get a laugh from me. Also, Squidward and Mr. Krabs making fun of Spongebob and Patrick yet becoming terrified of the “monster” themselves is also really funny. I love when the show takes elements from our world and has the Bikini Bottomites react to them. The live action scenes in this episode are notorious for scaring kids, and they’re definitely creepy, but I always thought they were hilarious. In my opinion, Wormy is one of the most overlooked episodes from Season 2.

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.13.48 PM
Sorry I don’t speak Italian

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.14.08 PMScreen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.14.16 PMScreen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.14.27 PM

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.14.40 PM

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.14.54 PMScreen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.15.04 PM

#3: Employee of the Month

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.17.20 PM.png

Going back to Season 1, this is a perfect episode that features some of the most solid comedic moments in the entire series. Squidward and Spongebob are competing to become the Krusty Krab’s employee of the month, an award Spongebob has won for 26 straight months, according to the episode. What ensues is a slapstick goldmine with Spongebob and Squidward competing to get to the Krusty Krab first and impress Mr. Krabs. The ways Spongebob and Squidward try to sabotage each other are a lot of fun. Some of my favorites are: Squidward lulling Spongebob to sleep with his clarinet, Spongebob destroying Squidward’s alarm clock, only for Spongebob to find that he has a closet full of them, and the sequence when they’re racing to the Krusty Krab. The race features a bunch of dumb slapstick gags that I absolutely adore, such as: Squidward walking only to find he’s trapped in a giant glass bottle for no reason, Spongebob being nestled into a brick wall, and both of them dragging a giant ship (in Squid’s case) and an anchor (in Spongebob’s case), again, for no reason. That’s what I love about this episode: even if the slapstick makes no sense, they’re willing to use it anyway because it’s funny, and it shows just how far SB and Squidward are willing to go to win the award. Also, the chaos that ensues at the Krusty Krab once they both get there is a great way to end the episode. Poor Mr. Krabs.

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.18.01 PMScreen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.18.12 PMScreen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.18.32 PMScreen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.18.48 PMScreen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.18.57 PMScreen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.19.49 PM

#2: Krusty Krab Training Video

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.21.22 PM

This episode is a parody of workplace instructional videos. With that description alone, you wouldn’t think this episode would amount to much. And how wrong you’d be! This is one of the funniest episodes of television ever aired: filled with jokes, gags, and ridiculous moments. What we have here is basically just an announcer telling us what it takes to work for Mr. Krabs – and he even throws a little history about the Krusty Krab in there as well. Filled to the brim with hilarious moments, Krusty Krab Training Video deserves its reputation of one of the best episodes in the entire series. Just remember: People Order Our Patties.

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.22.01 PM

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.22.15 PM
Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.22.23 PM

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.22.38 PMScreen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.23.03 PMScreen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.23.10 PMScreen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.23.25 PM

#1: Band Geeks

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.25.53 PM

Band Geeks is one of the most glorious nuggets of television to ever grace our TV screens. Every joke works, the plot is engaging, all our favorite characters are there, and there’s a badass song sequence at the end. This episode marks the debut of Squilliam Fancyson, who is Squidward’s arch-rival. He teases Squidward because he knows he doesn’t have a band that can play the Bubble Bowl, and Squidward, defensively, says he does. This leads Squidward to recruit all the Bikini Bottomites to form a ragtag group of musicians. Over the course of four days, they prepare for the show, and lead Squidward to believe himself to be a failure. But the group “bands” together to show that they can play the show: leading to “Sweet Victory,” one of the most iconic moments in Spongebob history. This episode is brilliant in every regard, and it’s great to see Squidward have a moment of triumph, for a change. The gags on each of the days are all hysterical, especially the flag twirlers launching themselves into a blimp and exploding, and I love the gag with Sandy, Patrick, and the trombone. Also, the live action Bubble Bowl is funny, especially when they’re all holding candles while the song plays. Folks, all this and more is why Band Geeks is the greatest episode of Spongebob of all time.

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.26.52 PM
I understand that you have a dying animal on the premises
Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.27.02 PM

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.27.14 PM

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.27.27 PM
You all thought I was just gonna quote “is mayonnaise an instrument?”, but…how can Sandy play that?
Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.27.43 PM
…too bad that didn’t kill me
Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.27.59 PM
Whoever’s the owner of the white sedan, you left your lights on!

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.28.06 PMScreen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.28.45 PMScreen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.29.10 PMScreen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.29.26 PMScreen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.29.38 PM

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this list, and I hope you enjoyed it! Disagree? Let me know in the comments. While you’re here, you should check out all the other articles here on our site, as well as our Weekly Waves Playlist. See you all next week!

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