A List of Things to Leave in 2017

It’s a list and it’s pretty vulgar…

Written in assistance with the beautiful @JasmineHey1 here is a list of things we think the world should just go ahead and leave behind in 2017

Keep in mind this is gonna probably be a pretty triggered one like something you’d read on a Saturday Mid-American Culture post

1. Clubbing

We’re fucking tired, everybody acts so tired all the damn time, but nobody ever has a problem with going out to the bars every damn night. Why? Why the fuck do you think you’re so tired? Every time I see your ass and you look tired and you’re bitching about being tired, why did you go out last night???

Let’s leave the passionate repertoire of going to the bar 8 times a week in 2017, huh?



2. Not Tipping

Whats the deal? Millennials, old people, tweakers, anybody. You go out and buy a whole fuckin meal at some restaurant but you can’t tip the person who brought it to you? You don’t get how a server’s paycheck works? It’s like “Sure, Brenda, I’ll bring you 6 sweet teas and keep all the plates off your table while you tell me your life story like you’re the only person in here.” Oh and thanks for the $2 tip on your family’s $90 check. “It’s better than leaving nothing right?” Why the fuck are you leaving me nothing? Bitch don’t act like I didn’t just give you magnificent service… That check was $90 and you can’t spare me shit? You know what 10fucking% of $90 is? I’ll tell you this, it’s not 8 quarters.



3. Driving Under the Influence

Why do we even have to explain?



4. Not Beating Your Kids

If your kid is an asshole, fix it. Like I don’t understand “Ooh take that $600 phone!” Why the fuck does he have a $600 phone!?!?!?!?



5. Lean & Pills

Why the fuck are y’all doing this shit for fun? This shit is expensive as hell and you’re getting a whole ass addiction, for fun. Weed and alcohol, thats fun, thats fine. Fucking your life up? Thats not fucking fun.



6. Mental Illness Bandwagon

When did it become “cool” to pretend to have a mental illness? Your boyfriend broke up with you and you were sad for half a day so now you’re “depressed”? No. That’s dumb. When did being shy become “Social Anxiety” take your social butterfly headass and get out of here with that shit. Just because you don’t like talking in front of people or you don’t always feel comfortable meeting new people doesn’t mean you have social anxiety. If you can hang out with a large group of people and go out in public places several times a damn week you don’t have social anxiety. Quit pretending to have these problems. If you know why you’re “depressed” you’re not fucking depressed. Upset and depressed are 2 different things so quit getting them mixed up.




7. Entitled Ass Bitches

I can’t stand bitches that don’t have jobs or go to school or do anything and then get upset when they aren’t treated like gold. If you’re trash, you’re trash. Know your worth.



8. Women Trying to Look Like Sexual Objects Then Getting Mad for Being Treated Like Sexual Objects



9. Acting Like A$AP Rocky Isn’t a God

Y’all seen this man? Y’all heard this man? He’s on another level with fashion, he sets the standards. Both his albums set the bar. In 2017 he didn’t release an album but he was all over Cozy Tapes 2 and he was featured on all kinds of shit, Twelvyy, Ferg, Tyler, Carti, Lana Del Ray, and everything he did was great. Both his Ferg features were flawless works of art, 2 of the best verses of 2017 and nobody gives him the fucking recognition he deserves. Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye is a god, treat him as such.



10. Those Guys That Pee in a Stall Even When a Urinal is Open

What the fuck are y’all doing? That shit’s weird man, just come pee. Don’t be weird about it, it’s not like some big scary social thing. We’re all just taking a piss. And it’s like when they go in and stand there with the door open, what the fuck was the point in that? So that it would be loud as fuck? That was weird man. Quit that shit. Leave that shit in 2017.

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