Local Music Highlight: Nashville Edition

Hello followers of Mid-American Culture, I’m Wes Stephens and this is my first post here on the site. It will be a music highlight of a hot, new artist who has some new music coming out soon. I hope you guys thoroughly enjoy it and if you don’t then that’s okay too, either way comment and let me know. Anyways let’s get into it…

This article will be quite similar to my colleague Ian’s local music Highlight pieces, except my local is a little different than Ian’s. I’m a college student in Nashville Tennessee and am surrounded by talented, young musicians all the time. There are many opportunities here in the music city for young artists to perform and show off their voices. One artist in particular that stands out to me is Berkley Boglin. Berkley performs covers of songs and songs that he wrote and produced himself. If you ever get a chance to catch one of his shows you should take that chance; he is electric on stage and always gives an incredible performance.



Here’s a picture of me (left) with the artist (right)

Berkley is originally from Atlanta, Georgia and is now a college student who attends Lipscomb University in Nashville. He is majoring in contemporary music and uses his classes to help him perfect his musical abilities like his voice and producing skills. Berkley puts his talents on display in the first single he released on soundcloud called “Oasis”. I will give you a fair warning though, once you hear the song it will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. It’s an upbeat melodious tune that has around 35,000 plays up to this point, and you should be the one to give it the next listen.


To listen to the song click here.


Oasis isn’t the only single Berkley plans on releasing before his album. His next single entitled “Drive” will be releasing within the next month. I’ve actually been able to hear it before its release and, in my honest and untrained opinion, it already ranks above Oasis. Hopefully for Berkley it will receive similar if not better results than Oasis and give him a little more street cred in the music industry. Berkley Boglin will become a household name at some point in this life so you might as well go ahead and hop on the bandwagon now.

Thank you for checking out this article, and make sure you don’t miss the release of Berkley’s new music follow him on soundcloud. While your at it go ahead and give this weeks weekly waves playlist a listen on either Spotify or Apple Music.

Wesley Stephens

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