Politics or Nah?

It’s 2018, the government is literally shutdown (at least as I’m writing this, that may change today at noon) and as for everything else…

If you wanna read about more politics, come back on Wednesday he does a pretty good job handling all that. If you’re like me, that stuff gets tiring fast. Friends talking in group texts, Twitter feed nonstop, the news, tv, every conversation… I for one don’t give a damn. So what do you guys say we talk about something cool and relaxing instead?







Anybody recognize that picture? If you do, dope. If not, I have 2 Family Guy excerpts that you probably won’t catch on part 2 of Derek’s Top 20 Cutaway List.




MC Escher is a Dutch artist I became bizarrely obsessed with from a very young age walking through Borders with my parents.


It’s stuff like the piece above that I originally was interested in but as I flipped through the book a few Borders visits down the road it became about the rest of the  beautiful and enthralling works by Escher.


Those pieces are from his Mathematical collection and come on, the hands drawing themselves, what the hell? That’s friggin’ awesome.


Pieces from the Symmetrical collection, absolutely wild. You can see on these pieces some of his notes or just dope little stuff. Like those birds to fish, it’s crazy. At first glance it just looks like one animal is one color and one animal is the other, but that isn’t actually the case. Look closely at it, tell me that isn’t art, tell me you wouldn’t prefer more of that to whatever any politician has to say.

And that’s not even the best part.

Nobody freak out or anything but I’m gonna show some of my favorite pieces by Escher, from the Transformation collection, this stuff caused me to buy the book, and to this day have a passionate love for MC Escher and his wonderful career.






Look at that, some whole cities transforming though birds and plains and rivers or something to parallel cities.


I could sit and look at that picture for hours.

And there are some even longer than that one that for this blog post’s purposes don’t work out but go check them out here. Or do yourself one better, the whole damn gallery. The pictures there look much better than they do on the blog post but I’m trying to make a point. Don’t be sheep or suck so much, sometimes you need to relax, sometimes a little culture can come in handy. Ignore Fox News for a night or two, become obsessed with an artist who died before your parents were born. Love life, fuck politics.

And listen to these amazing women, cause women are awesome, and that’s as political as you can catch me.

Thanks for reading guys and I hope you enjoyed M.C. Escher as much as I do.


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