Top Five Mountain Dew Products

There’s nothing quite like a cold soda. Sometimes you get a little sick of other drinks and need something to give you energy and a great taste. When that happens to me, I usually go for a Mountain Dew product. There are several varieties of Mountain Dew worth talking about, so I decided to count down my five favorites today. I’m not counting Kickstart or limited time offerings, though. Also, Baja Blast is a Taco Bell exclusive, so I can’t include it here (sorry). Let’s do this.

#5:Pitch Black


I only really got into this recently, but what have I been waiting for? The best way I can describe it is that it’s like grape soda with a little less grape flavor. I don’t have an issue with that, since the flavor in grape soda can be a little overpowering to me. Pitch Black gets the balance down perfectly, resulting in extremely satisfying sips.

#4: Code Red


Who doesn’t love cherry things? Cherry soda had existed for a while, but when Code Red was introduced in 2001, all others were beat. I haven’t had a cherry food or drink I didn’t like, and Code Red is no exception. I remember drinking it fairly often in the early 2000’s, though I don’t have it as much today. That said, I still have an immense amount of respect for it.

#3: White Out


The winner of the second DEWmocracy, Mountain Dew White Out is one of the most refreshing sodas out there. Its crisp taste feels just right on the tongue and coming down the throat. Although I love it, I remember preferring Typhoon to it. Hope it makes a comeback someday.


#2: Mountain Dew


The most obvious entry on this list, classic Mountain Dew really doesn’t need an introduction. We’ve all had it, and we all love it. Mello Yello, get out of here and stay out. Whenever I go to a restaurant and want a drink, if Mountain Dew is an option, I immediately go for it. What else can I say? It’s the Dew, and “It’ll tickle your innards.”

#1. Voltage


This one is personal. The aforementioned DEWmocracy vote yielded two winners: Voltage in 2008 and White Out in 2010. I remember in 2008, I had plenty of Revolution and Supernova, the other two participants people could vote on.

(Due to a copyright claim, the audio on that’s been removed. I think it had Jimi Hendrix’s rendition of the National Anthem.)

I remember loving both of them but I could never find Voltage. I began to worry that I’d never get to try it if it lost. One day, my dad suggested to me that it may have been hard to find since it may have already won, and PepsiCo were simply letting people enjoy the losers while they could. Or maybe it was really popular in my area.

I didn’t get to try it until January 2009 before a Buddy League All-Star basketball game. When Cory walked to me in the car with a bottle for me, my life was changed forever. The raspberry and ginseng combined for a brilliant taste that left younger me amazed. I still really enjoy it today, but that story will forever be why Voltage has a special place in my heart.

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Thanks for reading, and always remember to drink plenty of water!

Author: Chase Edwards

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