Reviews Through a Friend: The Golden Age

Dizzy Wright was my favorite member of Hopsin’s now defunct Funk Volume, but I had never heard this gem all the way through.

21 songs on the iTunes version, it excludes the Kid Ink and Honey Cocaine featured “Fashion” (Thank God). Plenty of production by 6ix and DJ Hoppa along with a beautiful list of features, The Golden Age is a mixtape everyone should hear.

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 12.48.49 PM

Dizzy starts off the tape with “2 Wings and a Crown”, nothing phenomenal but a solid effort. He follows this up with “The Flavor” with fellow Funk Volume member SwizZz, again nothing phenomenal but fine. Third in line comes “Maintain” with Joey Bada$$.

DJ Hoppa, Joey Bada$$, and of course Dizzy himself do not disappoint.

Then “Progression”, “The Perspective”, “Killem With Kindness”, and “Welcome Home” were all somewhat skippable in my opinion but they led up to the Hopsin collab “Bout That Life” which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 12.53.48 PM

Then comes my favorite song off the mixtape, with a great music video.

Seriously, watch that.

Cause it gets followed up by a few more great tracks in “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” and the other song I picked for the playlist, with fellow Funk Volume member Jarren Benton and Tory Lanez.

A Kato production…

Then comes “B.T.T.” which is amazing solely because of the hook…

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 1.29.05 PM


“Untouchable” features a disgustingly bad Logic verse and Kirk Knight who is pretty cool. Then the next 6 songs are pretty so-so or maybe Logic’s trash left the headphones tainted for a few tracks…

You’re lying if you tell me you don’t enjoy Wyclef’s voice. This is an underrated collaboration for the ages.

And then there’s another song called “New History” that is just fine.

The Golden Age by Dizzy Wright is definitely a great mixtape that I would whole heartedly recommend, a great feature lineup, a few hidden gems, a hilarious hook, and a song with the great Wyclef, at least give the 2 with music videos a try.

I’ll give it a 6/10 just because theres so many damn tracks and not all of them are that great, that Logic feature is also just terrible… You can find the playlist with my 2 favorite picks and everyone else’s top 2 from our assigned albums here. Every day this week someone will be reviewing an album they were randomly assigned and I hope that you can manage to pick up a few new songs you enjoy. I hope everyone has a slightly better than Garfield Monday and on that note I will leave you with this…

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