Reviews Through a Friend: At.Long.Last.A.S.A.P. – A.S.A.P. Rocky.

Hello everyone, today I’ll continue with our week long series of reviewing albums our fellow contributors. I got A.S.A.P Rocky’s sophomore album, AT.LONG.LAST.A$AP.

I confess prior to this record I had not listened to much of Rocky. That first album was huge and everyone kinda jumped on the bandwagon. Sometimes I’ll see what the fuss is about, but I usually liken to discover artist organically on my own.

I did enjoy A.L.L.A so much I went back to the last album. I ended up prefering the newer release more. I feel like he was free as an established artist to take more chances. I think this album breaks into different genres. It has beats of rock, rap, and soul. I love stories. I love that Rocky can take his unique experiences in life and make it into a journey that I can relate too. He has tales of outsiders, posers, users. He talks of struggling with his faith and the challenges of his career.

There is plenty to dig in on, especially if you notice the tracks with Joe Fox, who had a random, late night encounter with Rocky and ended becoming a protege off the streets in London from slinging mixtapes.

Mos Def whom I love, features on the last track and legendary performer of my parents generation, Rod Stewart appears on Everyday. Actually lots of folks are on this album. M.I.A. has 4 lines on Fine Whine and I enjoyed that so much I spent an afternoon at work listening to a Spotify M.I.A. playlist.

I immensely enjoyed this album and it will for sure be in my regular listening rotation.

Author: mburnsoh

I'm a geek of all sorts, I love comics and philosophy. I also dig on movies, music, books and tons of other things. I'm a dad to a wonderful troupe of munchkins. Life is good, but never content to accept it, always think I can do better.

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