Growth as a Music Lover

Growth as a human being is natural and healthy, growth as a music lover is awesome.

My father loves to discover or listen to new and different kinds of music, his reasoning is simple and easy to relate to. He doesn’t want to end up like his dad listening to the same 5 albums since the 70’s, I get that, and you should to.

Super Bowl LII, Minneapolis, USA - 04 Feb 2018

This post started out as a Justin Timberlake bash and a Prince praise but it evolved into something else. Did you notice all those old songs JT played? That’s because those are those people wanted to hear. Nobody gives a crap about his new album, they want sexy to be brought back. Old artist (NSYNC 1995), old music, thats what the people want, but why?

Repetition breeds affection, new experiences are exhausting. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep an open mind, it’s music. Music is always changing, music is always developing, music is always different. In the most recent Weekly Waves playlist I had everyone pick rock music based out of Seattle. 5 out of 14 picks are newer than 1994 and 2 of those are from the same band. Everyone knows and loves a Seattle grunge era band, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains. I did it as an experiment, I had discovered a guy named Ayron Jones who’s some awesome 21st century rocker that can kill a guitar. His song Emily is on the playlist and I love it. He makes me think of old Seattle though, Seattle I grew up listening to (I wasn’t alive for it but I grew up with it nonetheless).

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 2.25.31 PM

My lady loves her 2000’s R&B and hip-hop hits playlists and her musical liking doesn’t go much farther than early Pink or Taylor Swift. That’s scary to me, you wanna listen to Teardrops on My Guitar forever? Just like my grandfather listens to the original Sweet Home Alabama like it came out yesterday. Wild. I just hope nobody gets stuck listening to Bodak Yellow for the next 50 years thats my main message I guess.

On Spotify listen to that Discover Weekly playlist, stretch your ears every once in a while, you might find something new to add to your rotation. (Example 1Example 2Example 3) Alright guys thats it for me this week, 2 preachy posts around my review, I’ll get back to annoying everybody with rap scholar messages next week (;

Hope you enjoyed and discover some new music or look at some art this week and come back to read some more posts by the MAC staff!


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