The Art of Working a Dead-End Job

So you’re going to school, went to school, are gonna go to school, or said screw school, and right now you’re working a dead-end job.

Before you go any further, hit play on this video. The experience of this blog post is enhanced with the assistance of Dolly Parton.

Kidding guys, play this one its more fitting for the vibe of this post.


Sometimes you’ve been trying for years but this is where life has you. Sometimes you just need that extra scratch to help you get through school. Sometimes that’s all you can do to provide for yourself or your loved ones. But somehow/some way, you’ve gotten yourself working fast food or retail or something else that’s just awful.

You go in, you’ve got the same look on your face everyday no matter what, 10 hours a week, 25 hours a week, 50 hours a week, its :/ all the time. And you go in and you do a bunch of horrible crap all day and quitting crosses your mind 3 or 4 times an hour. “It’s not like I’m actually even making money…”, “I can find something better…”, “What if I just… leave… that would be nice…”, but you don’t. You need money, that car payment, insurance, phone bill, rent, it doesn’t pay itself, does it?

You’re standing around making $8 an hour to sweep the floor for the 6th time today, while your boss who gets a sick salary is watching videos on his phone about antique coins. He shortened the register a bit earlier and he’s randomly left 3 times in one day, but that really doesn’t matter to you. You’re just watching the clock tick.

It’s a true form of art though.

The way you sweep the floor like the way Da Vinci did that “smoky” stuff with his art. The way you watch the clock, like the way André Bazin watched film. The way you put up with all the crap, like somebody that put up with crap really well. Breathtaking art.

Props to you guys, it isn’t easy. I get it though, it’s miserable and you hate it. I commend all of you that have terrible jobs and stick with it though. But we certainly can’t stay in these positions forever, so finish school or follow your dreams or sell drugs or something. Can’t thrive on minimum wage guys. Buy your spaceship and fly.

For now keep grinding though, play this one for the “Keep Grinding Anthem”

“If I can pay my bills I’m good”

Keep in mind, I’m totally full of crap and just absolutely hate my dead-end job. I’m sure you all do too. (: Check out the newest Weekly Waves playlist and go ahead and take a vacation from your dead-end job.

Hopefully all the other posts from the Mid-American Culture staff can hold you guys over until next week.

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