People Who Are Best Suited to Run this County

Hello everybody and welcome back to the Mid-American culture page. This topic that I am going to tackle seems to be an emerging issue with almost everybody. Nowadays, you can no longer walk down the street, get on social media, or even have a normal conversation without somebody throwing in their two cents about this country and why it has “gone to shit”. We are going to talk about the people who believe they have the leadership of George Washington, the boldness of Abraham Lincoln, and the genius of Ronald Reagan.


Love em’ or hate em’, they always have an opinion. These gun totin sons of guns will stand up for their second amendment right, even when they are unprompted and will argue you from dusk til’ dawn that “daggone Obama” was basically Osama Bin Laden’s brother and right hand man. Well, I am here to tell you that most of the shit you read on “the Facebook” is made up, and it is hard to listen to somebody whose lip is dip packed to the point that you cannot understand a damn word you say.

Social Media Warriors

Image result for keyboard warrior

To the keyboard warriors, nobody gives a flying shit about your well thought out, 1000+ typo, 30 minute long post about the government and how it should be ran. If you go against them you better believe you are going to get the classic bitch Mom move where this bold warrior will say “If you do not like my post, remove me”, but before you get the chance; boom, you are blocked and all you said was “I do not agree”. We get it. You are blessing us with your political genius for free, but for the love of God, shut the hell up.

The Underage Children

Image result for baby trump

This breed intrigues me. I feel like it is usually a fine mixture of the previous two breeds. It is almost unfair to the child, honestly. Being forced to belief your parents believes and every single meal gathered around the fine people at Fox News. However, sharing shit on Facebook does not make you smart nor does trying to tell people they are dumb for not believing in what you believe in. Nothing makes me madder than a kid that is not even old enough to vote try and argue with people who pay taxes and vote.

The Mangy Grandparents

Image result for crazy grandpa

Your deer, old grandparents. Sweet people, but can sometimes be much when it comes to politics. I find it that the older generation uses this point in time to try and convey their message of reverting back to the old ways. A matter of fact, I have even heard the idea of going back to the Mid-West, gunslinging, all white days. However, all these changes happened for a reason, THE OLD WAYS DID NOT WORK! We simply cannot ship out people who are not the same as us, or shoot each other because they looked at us funny.

Listen, this post is to hopefully offend people who may act this way. I value everybody’s opinion, and not everybody does. This has been more prominent in this day and age due to the previous election, beliefs, and tragedies that have recently occurred. For instance, Parkland, Florida. People are fighting about the gun laws, yes they need to be stricter, but that is not the point. Seventeen people did not make it home that day and that is not the focus and I do not get it. If people would spend more time together and working stuff out instead of pointing fingers, we would get shit figured out.

I am sorry for this late article, but I had family matters to attend to today. Anyhow, thank you for tuning in on this Friday, and as always, stay tuned for more fresh daily content from the Mid-American Crew and myself.


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