Kings Nobody Knows

This blog post is about 3 human beings you probably don’t know, but should. I mean you might know 1 or 2, but theres no way you know all 3. No way.

Mid-American Culture’s resident rap scholar is at it again.

Joey Purp

Surf’s up, smoke something, young purple, I’m the man

Joey Purp is a Chicago based rapper associated with Chance the Rapper, Vic Mensa, and all the other modern day Chi-Town MCs. Joey can make the catchy radio hits, but also has the lyricism and conscious rap skills of a future star.


With 2 mixtapes, Purp isn’t a seasoned veteran so there isn’t a *ton* of his music out there. Rest assured iiiDrops is in my list of best mixtapes ever. Its a phenomenal project that rose Joey’s status in 2016. The stand out single, “Girls @” features Chance the Rapper.

Look into iiiDrops, watch that video, and love Joey Purp. With his most recent tape coming out in ’16, it’s about time for some new music, so be ready when it comes.

And here is a wonderful feature to prove his versatility.

Cousin Stizz

Feel like Danny Ocean

Cousin Stizz, Boston’s finest, everybody’s favorite cousin, the fresh prince. Stizz can make trap into a catchy single, he makes bangers so he’s already making serious waves, get on board before the ship sails.

Suffolk County (2015), Monda (2016), One Night Only (2017), Stizzy has a steady output of full length projects. There are a few songs from each that really pop but to try to keep from annoying you, I’ll stick to just 2 here. If you want a more in depth analysis of his most recent project, Mid-American writer @asican2 wrote this review.

From One Night Only “Headlock” features Offset, which you already know how I feel about him.

That whole thing is just wonderful.


Isaiah Rashad

89_Original.jpgRashad is a lyricist on the same label as King Kendrick, TDE. Rashad is cut from a very different and interesting cloth. He released his debut album in 2016 and started hinting at a new project in late ’17 so hopefully somethings coming soon.

Cilvia Demo and The Sun’s Tirade make up Rashad’s current catalog, providing real depth to an artist. The interludes/skits on Sun’s Tirade almost describe Cilvia Demo better than I could.

[Outro: Dave Free]
Okay, I’mma tell you this story, man…A few years ago, I gave my pops, uh, Cilvia, Cilvia Demo and my pops said, uh…he listened to it for about a week, came back to me, said, uh…said, “Dang, boy, why…Zay talkin’ ’bout he gon’ run up in somebody house? He…he…he talkin’ ’bout you?”

This song is amazing and the video even more so. This song has maintained a spot in my daily rotation since the album’s release 18 months ago.

For his feature I was gonna pick something with SZA, which if you like SZA, you probably already know Rashad. They have tons of great songs together. Instead I picked the TDE cypher cause it displays his bars better than any other YouTube video could, the way his verse stacks up with household names and a living legend should help get you guys to watch for his next album. The quality of the video sucks and its censored, but if you want to heres the original video.

I hope you all will look into these rappers, if you liked what you heard I picked some of their music for the newest Weekly Waves and if you’re hungry for more I made an entire hour and a half playlist made up of these 3 rappers and a few features of theirs which is available to you on Spotify and Apple Music.

So listen to iiiDropsOne Night OnlyThe Sun’s Tirade, the big playlist, or even just the songs above, have some Growth as a Music Lover


Thanks for reading!!!

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