An Overseas Music Highlight

Hello, everybody! For today’s article, I thought I’d highlight a truly terrific band that more people need to be aware of. And that band is known as Naxatras.

Hailing from Thessaloniki, Greece, Naxatras has a sound that no other band possesses. Their roots are clearly in various hard rock bands: one can recognize metal influences such as Black Sabbath and Kyuss, desert rock influences, such as Yawning Man, and even mainstream hard rock influences like Pearl Jam. But the amalgamation of all these sounds, as well as a certain jazziness and cosmic vibe, makes Naxatras’s music so original. I guess “psychedelic rock” would be a good way of describing them, but genre alone cannot suffice to categorize this band.


The group first hit the scene in 2015, when their debut album Naxatras was released. This album has a ton of great tracks, but my favorites are “I Am the Beyonder” and “Downer.” Their second album, II, was released in 2016, and this record is more atmospheric and ambient, while still hitting you with heavy grooves.

Their debut is my personal favorite of the bunch.

Naxatras is still going strong, with their third album, III, being released just a couple weeks ago, and it is just as rockin’ as their first two. Give it a listen if you want another great rock band to listen to!

If you want to give this band a listen, here are my personal top five Naxatras tracks:

#5: Space Tunnel (Naxatras, 2015)

This song has a bassline that reminds me of some sort of heist. That, the drums, and the groovy guitar work combine to make a really cool track.

#4: Sisters of the Sun (II, 2016)

This song has a more traditional hard rock structure, but the riff gets you hooked.

#3: Downer (Naxatras, 2015)

Have I mentioned how great this band’s guitar work is yet?

#2: The Great Attractor (II, 2016)

This tune is more up-tempo than almost anything else in their entire catalog, and the rhythm section keeps on charging along, with perfectly complimentary guitar.

#1: I Am the Beyonder (Naxatras, 2015)

This shit absolutely slaps. The slow intro that builds and builds, the subtle cymbals crashing in, the extremely catchy riff, blissful tempo changes, this tune’s got it all. What a way to start off a debut album!

If you want to support this band, here’s a link to their Bandcamp page. Also, check ’em out on Facebook!

Thank you guys for reading, and make sure you check out the daily content on the site, as well as our weekly playlist.

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