Videos to Bring you Inner Peace

Do you have a pit in the place where your heart should be? Do you have episodes of deep and endless depression? Do you desperately need inner peace? Is Twitter the only thing you have to live for? Do you like memes?

Did the attempted clickbait title work? Or were you just here cause you wanted to read a great blog post? ūüôā


Let’s talk about Symor.

Do you guys remember the Ugandan Knuckles meme?


Yeah that crazy shit. Syrmor wasn’t responsible for creating the meme, the people are pretty serious on not giving him that credit, however everything you saw in the beginning was probably content provided through his most viewed YouTube video.

Even YouTuber (God/King/Troll/Racist) Pewdiepie used parts of his footage. But that isn’t what we are here to talk about today, so if you’re still with me and didn’t immediately bail upon seeing that stupid Knuckles, thank you, and enjoy.

Before this video is a hysterical Star Trek VR video I recommend but won’t force upon you.

This video, which was the one that really sucked me in as Syrmor fan can’t be described. Just watch, make it past the alien part and if you’re not laughing, then you’re some kind of weirdo. But also if you aren’t truly moved, you’re some kind of monster.


A beautiful piece of cinema.

Next came Extreme Makeover VR Chat¬†which was also hilarious but I can’t force it upon you without feeling a bit like a terrible person, watch it and you might find out why.

Then there was the Somewhere Over The Rainbow VRchat music video.

Syrmor has quite an obsession with this song it seems, but who am I to judge?

(See my weird obsessions by clicking the Monday tag on this beautiful blog.)

Then came This VRchat moment made me believe in true love an eye opening tale that can convince any reasonable person to believe in true love.

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 12.54.32 AM.png

Next was the¬†FIRST VRCHAT STREAM HIGHLIGHTS¬†¬†video which was obviously full of gems but its a bit long, it features a mourning of Ugandan Knuckles who’s popularity is well documented by Syrmor’s channel and I’ll just post this screenshot for the rest.¬†Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 12.21.19 AM.png


Then came this beauty, which features a rather inappropriate child and a Naruto misunderstanding. I personally have lots of appreciation for this video as well.

Then came¬†Twitch: The Evolution of TV¬†which really opened a beautiful door for me, perhaps not my favorite Syrmor video this one actually showed me what Twitch is. Twitch was a realm I hadn’t looked into, but clearly I was missing out. I joined up and subscribed to Syrmor who then went on to draw what he imagined I looked like during the stream, which I really enjoyed.¬†drmrburnsguy

Which as far as I know, he does that for everybody that subs. So go sub here and get your portrait done by 2018 Leonardo Da Vinci.

The last video in Syrmor’s filmography, at least until he uploads again in a couple of days, is¬†Drunk anime girl has an existential crisis in VRchat¬†which features a drunk Finnish man saying things 1 part hysterical, 1 part deep and thought inducing, and 1 part the most beautiful speech I’ve ever heard in my entire life. (With a raptor[I’m not racist] trolling the anime girl, playing chess, and then stealing the show)

Watch it. Then go ahead and save the image below and begin the new chapter of your life. DXtP_ouW4AAYMyi

So yeah, Syrmor is the best thing on YouTube, the only reason I have a Twitch (he streams every single day, I think), and he also has a Twitter, so watch these videos. Follow him every way you possibly can. Fall in love. But also question humanity.

Thanks for reading guys, be sure to check out this week’s playlist¬†here, and if you’re just gonna follow anybody on Twitter follow the Mid-American Culture account¬†here, and then you might as well just follow me too. I hope this helps you find inner peace.

See you next week!

5 thoughts on “Videos to Bring you Inner Peace”

  1. Excuse me, I much prefer to be referred to as a raptor, not a dinosaur, there are many types of dinosaurs and we don’t like being put under one category, please fix.

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