NBA 1st-Team All Badass

Hello, everybody and welcome back to the Mid-American page. I going to bring back a topic due to some people asking me to do it. In today’s game of basketball, it is best described best by Kobe Bryant as “softer than Charmin”. There is no more hand checks, body checks, or even a friendly shove without there being a huge repercussion. So this is to those who simply didn’t give a shit.

Point Guard: Isiah Thomas

Obviously there has to be AT LEAST one member of the Detroit Bad Boys on this list. Thomas was highly talented point guard, but what made him a badass was he feared absolutely nobody.

Shooting Guard: Reggie Miller

One of my personal favorites. Miller knew how to hush a crowd fast, just ask Spike Lee. In my opinion, I as thought Reggie Miller was crazy underrated, but aside from his talent, he was a badass. From fist fights to learning French just to talk shit to an opposing player, you either hated or loved Reggie

Small Forward: Ron Artest By far the least talented player on this list, but, nonetheless, this is a well deserved spot. When you think of a badasses of the NBA, you think Ron Artest. Artest was an OK player, but was more known for his antics than his game. Used to love Artest until he gave my boy Harden that nasty elbow a few years back.

Power Forward: Rasheed Wallace

Another personal favorite. I remember being at my Grandma’s house watching the Pistons (my old favorite team), and Wallace could light up any team any given night. By light up I mean he could score 40 or beat the living shit out of an opponent.

Center: Shaq

Big. Diesel. If you do not love Shaq, you’re probably equivalent to Hitler. Shaq may be one of the greatest to ever do it and be a badass.

Coach: Greg Popovich

The best coach ever, in my opinion. Pop has won many titles and is now the coach for team USA. Pop is much for words or overthinking, and loves the game for what it is.

6th Man (Guard): Allen Iverson

Short man. Big Attitude. AI is an absolute treasure and feared no man. He is in my top five favorite players of all time. Iverson is another one who can score 40 and whip your ass.

6th Man (Forward/Center): Bill Laimbeer

An absolute badass. This guy was Ron Artest before Ron Artest. He could score a little better, but he couldn’t be over Rasheed. Laimbeer was an anchor for the Bad Boys and definitely deserves to be on here.

Thank you for reading and spending a time with me on this Friday. What do you think? Is there a player more deserving? Let’s us no in the comments. As always, stay tuned for more fresh daily content from myself and the rest of the Mid-American crew!

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