The Hardest Song I’ve Ever Heard

The year was 2012, @coryedwards50 burned me a copy of Odd Future’s newest production. I quickly went home and ripped it to my iTunes and then added the album to my iPod touch. All you fools were still sleepin’ on Frank Ocean, I was a die hard Tyler, the Creator stan, and they blessed my ears with the most beautiful album my 14 year old ass had ever heard.


This album had some of the most incredible and memorable tracks from the OFWGKTA days. Preppy girls were scared of the satan worshipping, lame kids were still listening to “Yonkers“. “Rella” made an impact and I remember non-OF freaks liking it, then one of the best posse cuts ever “Oldie” stole the hearts of the whole fanbase. I’m not here to talk about those songs or “NY (Ned Flander)“. I won’t even bring up that Frank has been a king for years before he got the recognition he deserved or all the songs where Hodgy and Doom go back and forth and decimate tracks. No this blog post is about something more important.

14 year old Ian was both shocked and infatuated by one song in particular. I used to listen to this album every day, teen angst, transition to high school, life changes, I was in a weird place but this album kept me collected. In the end it gave me something even better than comfort, it gave me the hardest song I’ve heard in my life.

Give it a listen guys, allow the hardest shit you’ll ever hear bring you the satisfaction it brought me 6 years ago now (give or take a few days).

Happy 6 years OF Tape Vol. 2, thanks for being awesome.


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