Essential Twitter Follows

This is a list of Twitter accounts you should definitely be following.

1. @everycolorbot


A beautiful Twitter bot that displays every color in a completely random order. If you like weird, pretty, or interesting stuff, you’ve gotta follow this account.

2. @hondadeal4vets


Joseph Urban, a honda dealer that gives great deals to veterans and hooks up rappers. Also, he’s the leader of the doink chat, a passionate water advocate, and a cool dude. So if you like doinks in Amish, water, memes, or the goal of top in space, you better follow Joe U.

3. @KaleSalad


Kale Salad, the hero Twitter needs. Waging war against Dory and Common White Girl, Kale Salad retweets the original of viral tweets making for a authentic and honest stream of good content. Kale Salad is a must follow.

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 5.13.05 PM

4. @TheOnion


The greatest news outlet known to man. The Onion posts legendary content daily thats absolutely hysterical. If you like anything funny and definitely real and totally not fake, follow the Onion. Relatable, political, sports, or anything totally random, the topics covered by the Onion can hit home for anyone.

5. @YahBoyCourage


Arguably the best meme page on Twitter, Based Courage has a fresh and hilarious stream of memes that can be loved. Personally, I love this account and I know all of my friends do too. Snortdisnesquik gets the job done.

6. @lil_webby_81


Josh Webb is a god amongst mortal men.

And the good tweet.

7. @KobeMc_24


Like a hybrid of Dory, Complex Sports, and a cool normal dude, Kobe has a bit for everybody to appreciate. Whether you’re common and a white girl or an every day sports fan, Kobe is the guy for you.

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 5.40.57 PM.png

A good variety of topics get covered on this account.

8. @M_American_C


Where else would you get your daily dosage of fresh content?


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