Local Food Highlight: Frost Top

The place with the giant mug on top.


After the passing of our dear old friend, Shoney’s, I felt it right to review another Huntington icon, Frost Top. The one thing these two staples in the local restaurant scene have in common is any time you bring them up, 9 out of 10 people would respond the same way, “I haven’t had (insert restaurant name here) in years.” I also personally feel as though I’m qualified to review Frost Top because I’m a recognized Root Beer aficionado.

My trip to Frost Top came last week and I was joined by a crew of people. We ordered a few different food items, drinks, and desserts. Personally I got a grilled cheese, onion rings, and a large root beer float. I had been craving a good root beer float for works and I was far from disappointed. The delicious and creamy root beer was paired well with the amazing vanilla ice cream. One of the other members of my party got an ice cream cone which likewise was phenomenal. It was tropical twist flavor which I can only describe as beyond better than orange sherbet lining on a vanilla ice cream cone. Then a chocolate and vanilla shake which were obviously great choices as well. So Frost Top comes in flawless on the dessert menu.Now on to the food..

My onion rings were terrific and definitely some of the best I’ve had, everyone else enjoyed their fries and other sides equally as much. I was told the hot dog was satisfactory, the burgers were decent, and my grilled cheese was fine. Overall a very pleasant experience.

The service was great, the staff was pretty timely and on their game. The atmosphere was actually pretty nice considering the location. We also opted to sit under the shade at the tables instead of doing car side, which turned out to be a pretty cool choice.

Overall I give it… ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

Thanks for reading guys and heres the menu for when you go!!!


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