Has Wilt Chamberlain Comeback as a Turkey?

Hello everybody and welcome back to the Mid-American page. This article is very different from any another one I have ever done. The stories you get at work are wild but I felt like the world needed to hear this one.

So I am at work, ya know, pulling boxes and making sure it all looks good. I finish early, as normal, and decide to go help my buddy over in grocery. This guy is as redneck as they come man. This guy normally tells me a bunch of yeeyee ass stories, but this one caught my ears.

He starts talking about him and his father hunting turkeys. He then went to explain that they have been after this one turkey for as long as he can remember and they just can not see him. I look at him puzzled and asked “Why?” He replies, “We can’t keep the women away from him.” Even more puzzled, I ask him what the hell does that even means.

He begins to tell me that the female turkeys will not leave him alone long enough for him to come out of his shelter. He told him they sat there long enough to see if he would come out. They got there at 5 A.M. where the female turkey would fly up to him and mate. Keep in mind, it’s not just one turkey, it about five or six a morning. After that they waited and he still never came out. Later, another batch of turkeys went to him. Finally, they just called a quits.

So here is what I think has happened. I think Wilt Chamberlain has came back to ball on the women and continue his supposed 20,000+ body count. My redneck friend has told me how he just keeps putting out more turkeys. This guy doesn’t even try to get all the gobblets. They come to him 24/7. The amount of children this turkey has would put even Antonio Cromartè to shame.

You all may have not found this as funny as I did, but I about pissed my pants when I heard about this. What do you think? Let’s us know down in the comments! As always, thank you for spending apart of your Friday with me. As always, stay tuned for fresh daily content from myself and the rest of the Mid-American crew!

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