Posthumously Discovering the Sound.

I inherited all my Mom’s Beatles records when I was a kid. I’d spin the 45’s all day long with my Michael Jackson Thriller singles. I’d spend the weekends often with my cousin, and I’d get up early with my Aunt and we’d watch the Beatles cartoon while I nibbled on a Little Debbie cake and she had her coffee. John was my favorite Beatle. My Aunt liked Paul. It was probably 1983 or 1985. I’d see Paul McCartney doing Wings stuff, plus he had a duet with Michael Jackson, The Girl is Mine, eventually I’d ask my mom and Dad about John Lennon and what he was doing now, I knew the Beatles were from before my time. I knew Ringo was in movies, my parents had rented Caveman. Not sure about George Harrison, unaware of where he fell in my elementary school mind. However it would be answered soon in the form of his massive hit I Got My Mind Set on You.

My parents would tell me that John Lennon had been dead for a few years. Since 1980 actually. 3 years after I was born. He was shot to death outside his New York home by a fan who had sought an autograph earlier. This broke my little heart. John! The funny one from Hard Days Night. He sang my 2 favorite songs, Twist and Shout and Revolution. It was just sad and strange that someone I’d spent do much time listening to and watching was gone, and I didn’t even know it.

Of course this happens all the time. Kids are growing up listening to Kurt Cobain, Biggie and Tupac, and of course Michael Jackson just to name a few. What made me think of this was the passing of Frightened Rabbits lead singer Scott Hutchinson. Earlier in the week I’d seen he was trending on Twitter as his friends and fans put out a plea to look out for him and hoping for his safe return after he’d walked away from his hotel room in Scotland on Wednesday. I’d assumed the guy perhaps simply needed a break and took a walk. Apparently however he struggled with depression issues most of his life.

On Friday it was announced that Scott Hutchinson had passed away. Devastated fans posted pics and song lyrics. He’d taken the time to write fans back and they now were lamenting his loss along side pictures of hand written letters. He seemed like an incredibly geniune person. He had tweeted a few times after he’d gone missing just to remind people to love and care for each other.

I had never listened to the band Frightened Rabbits knowingly. I’ve done some Snow Patrol radio on Pandora and some of their songs seemed to ring a bell Friday as I played their music on Spotify. I was blown away and instantly fell in love with the sound. I worked all day listening to The Wood Pile, Get Out, and Keep Yourself Warm. I’d learned the band was originally formed in 2004 and began playing local pubs around Glasgow, before recording their first album in 2006.

So here I was sad about the loss of this talented and lovely gentleman, but also thouroughly enjoying this new catalog of music. I guess the thing to take away here is to enjoy life and keep a look out for others who may rotate into your atmosphere. Sadness and Depression can affect all of us from time to time. However for some it’s harder to shake off the shakles of despair. Be an ear to listen and a shoulder to lean on. There are hotlines available for professional help. The suicide hotline is 1-800-273-8255 use it if you need it, pass it on if you know someone else that might. Have a good week people. Look after each other. Thanks for reading and checking out Mid-American-Culture and I’m gonna leave you with some Frightened Rabbits. Peace.

Author: mburnsoh

I'm a geek of all sorts, I love comics and philosophy. I also dig on movies, music, books and tons of other things. I'm a dad to a wonderful troupe of munchkins. Life is good, but never content to accept it, always think I can do better.

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