Another Music Highlight: Matt Gantos

A music highlight for the rapper Matt Gantos from Miami, Florida.

That was how I first heard his music.  The song playing in the video is called !441 Freedelly and you can listen to it here.

Normally, like any human being, I’m somewhat weary of the clips people spam under the tweets of XXL or Complex or any popular rapper. Sometimes, however, I click play because I’m feeling my wild side and its typically just a bunch of trash recorded with what sounds like a pop can for a microphone. This wasn’t one of those times though.

Press play on that song and wait for the bass to drop, that is absolutely amazing. Not only does Gantos rap over vicious beats that’ll melt your brain, he also has a knack for a good hook and excellent lyrical ability.

This track has a good vibe to it, I like the feeling this song gives you. You’ve also gotta love the Net Neutrality support.

This is a good example of Florida rap excellence. He’s coming hard with the flow but his bars aren’t lacking either.

And then we get to my favorite of Gantos’ tracks. The lyrics are nice, the hook is nice, the beat is nice, the flow is nice, this song is nice. When listening to Matt Gantos it feels kinda like somebody took the best parts of XXXtentacion and Rob $tone and mashed them together, like the dark tone but with bars for days.

Those are all the songs available on his Spotify but he has more available on his Soundcloud. I look forward to following Gantos and will definitely keep an eye out for new music and so should you. He’s great and I seriously recommend diving into his catalog and becoming a fan like I have.

Spotify: Matt Gantos

Soundcloud: MATT GREEZO


Other Twitter: @greezo192

My Twitter: @DrMrBurnsGuy

MAC Twitter: @M_American_C

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