Taking a look at a DVD series created by George Bluth, Sr. 

Many years ago a man named George Bluth based out of southern California created a series of movies called Boyfights. The idea behind the films was to make his boys tough but also to make some quick cash. In the films George schemes to get the boys to fight and then add a bonus feature of his youngest son in the end.

Boy 1

The first of the films was titled Boyfights: A Day In the Life of American Boys. It showcased the oldest boys battling and baby buster in “I DON’T WANT TO GO TO BED”

Boy 2 3x08_Making_a_Stand_(11)

The second of the films was titled Boys Will Be Boys: Boyfights 2. This film managed to become even more successful than the first and included the cult classic baby buster feature, “Too Old To Breastfeed”.

Then came A Boyfights Cookout which included Run For Your Life! and the baby buster scene “A Fifth Grader Wets His Bed” and Backseat Boyfights: The Trip To Uncle Jack’s 70th which included baby buster’s “I Don’t Want To Be On This Tape!”

These films did amazing numbers and made George Bluth a ton of money but also became cult classics with fans nationwide. Here is a clip of some of the Boyfight series.

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