Cookin’ With Cory: Volume II

Hello everybody! For today’s article, I thought I’d bring back “Cookin’ With Cory” and talk about a recipe I prepared recently that you all are gonna love. So, let’s get started!

Continuing the baking motif I started in the first edition of this series, this time I made Alton Brown’s chewy chocolate chip cookies, or “The Chewy,” as he calls them. This recipe is a modification of the classic Toll House chocolate chip cookie recipe, and the changes AB makes to the classic recipe benefit the cookies, in my opinion. For those who want to make these for yourselves, here’s a link to the original recipe.

The recipe is a typical cookie creaming procedure: mix the dry stuff, mix the butter/sugar/eggs/vanilla, add the dry goods to wet stuff, then add the chocolate chips. But this recipe does a few things differently: the butter in this variation is melted beforehand, bread flour is used instead of AP flour, more brown sugar is used than white sugar, and the cookie dough is chilled for an hour before scooping. All of these changes help make the cookies chewier (the Good Eats episode featuring this recipe gives a detailed explanation as to why this is the case).

Before baking

This time, as opposed to the last “Cookin’ With Cory,” I prepared the recipe almost exactly as it was printed. The only thing I did differently was that I used one stick of salted and one stick of unsalted butter (simply because it’s what we had at the house), but I don’t think this affected the cookies too much.

After baking and cooling, I dug into a cookie and reached nirvana. These things were soft, chewy, warm, chocolaty, and decadent. As someone who has eaten the standard Toll House recipe for years and years, I can say that The Chewy is definitely an improvement over the classic recipe, even if the originals are still iconic.

Fresh out of the oven
Sorry Beulah, you can’t have any…

If you like to bake, or if you like chocolate chip cookies (and hey, who doesn’t?), I highly recommend you try The Chewy out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed, and you may find yourself a new favorite cookie. On a related note, Good Eats is scheduled to make a comeback later this year, and I’ll definitely be checking it out. If you made these cookies for yourself, let me know in the comments what you thought, and make sure you leave a review of the recipe on Food Network’s website. Thank you all so much for reading, and make sure you check out all the other articles here on the site, as well as our weekly playlist. Follow me on Twitter @coryedwards50, and follow the site @M_American_C. See you all next time!

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