The Worst TV Show Of All Time

What I’m about to share with you is not for the faint of heart. It’s… otherworldly.

Just watch the intro (0:35-2:20). The awfulness speaks for itself.

We’re all familiar with the series Jackass, aren’t we? The classic antics of the gang have been enjoyed for many years now. One of the standouts of the series was none other than Steve-O, who often went above and beyond when performing his stunts. Naturally, he was destined to land his own show. He and Jackass co-star Chris Pontius starred in Wildboyz for a little while, but Steve-O was in line for a starring role on his own someday. After MTV burned themselves out on Jackass spin-offs, USA decided to give him that role. And thus, Dr. Steve-O was born.

I don’t even know how to describe this show without getting into the vulgar content. If you’re easily grossed out, I’d recommend proceeding with caution. I’m not showing extreme images, but the descriptions make this article NSFW. Don’t read it out loud or let children see it. You’ve been warned.


So, what’s the plot for this “reality” show? Steve-O is a doctor who helps “wussies” get over their fears. He travels in an ambulance whose design is one that only Steve-O can whip up.

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 6.42.10 PM

He has assistance in the form of his nurse Trishelle, since it’s the mid-2000’s and they needed to appeal to hormone-infused teenagers. She’s literally just there for sex appeal, seeing how they emphasize her breast size. This aired right after WWE Monday Night Raw, by the way, which still had this mindset. In addition, he has a driver named Regg who hardly says anything at all. All of their antics are captured with passable cinematography and annoying editing. Every task ends with still frames of what you just saw in different colors with an annoying guitar track. He gets one patient at a time, and to be accepted, they need to perform a wild task. These range from doing aerobics naked, having hair removal cream applied to your head, forcing a sci-fi obsessed dude to BURN ALL OF HIS COMICS, to making a guy CUT HIS TONGUE WITH A SHARD OF BROKEN GLASS. I’m not showing any of this on this post for reasons mentioned earlier, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. If you really want to see this stuff happen, the episodes are on YouTube.


Every other episode has a cameo appearance from professional skateboarder Ryan Simonetti, again to appeal to teens. Steve-O also promoted the line of Sneaux shoes on the show. Did I mention it was the 2000’s? This show rivals Viva La Bam in the 2000’s level.


After the three patients have their initiation, they each have one more additional challenge, and that’s followed by a “Group Therapy.” These additional challenges include making a hydrophobic man dive into a pool, making a man who’s scared of bees STAND STILL AS HE IS COVERED WITH BEES, whipping a man’s behind with a towel, making someone steal a restaurant customer’s food, and having a dude direct a pornographic film. That last one actually makes the patient almost pass out. This sounds like some shitty Spike TV late-night filler. Instead it’s USA late-night filler.

Now, we get to the “Group Therapy.” Occasionally, one of the three patients backs out of doing it. For making a smart decision to leave the show, they are labeled “Wussies” once more. They miss such bonding moments like “Fart Art,” which sees Steve-O and the patients put paint inside themselves (with that name, you know where). Other “Group Therapies” include walking down the street naked, making clay molds of their privates, and being dragged in their underwear along an ice rink.

Yeah… this show is terrible. It’s all obviously fake, the stunts aren’t that cool, I feel sorry for everyone involved, and annoyance is prevalent here. It’s no secret that 2007 Steve-O had some issues, which have thankfully long since been resolved, and it is kind of visible in Dr. Steve-O. His charisma is certainly visible though, even if he has almost nothing to work with. The concept was doomed from the start, since this show only lasted seven episodes. The last one is actually the “Unaired Pilot” which features a different vehicle and a different nurse who drove instead of Regg, who was absent. They were that starved of ideas that they resorted to showing the unaired pilot in the finale of Season ONE. Most shows have that as a DVD extra or something. Wow.

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