What We Would Like to See in Fallout 76

Hello everybody, and welcome back to the Mid-American page. Just in case you live under a rock, Bethesda announced that there will be a new game in the Fallout series. Fallout is based in a post-apocalyptic America and you are usually searching for one person. These games are amazing and provide the player with hours upon hours of play time. Even though the announcement of this game really makes no sense because it took seven years for Fallout 4 and it has been seven years since Skyrim. However, I am not going to complain. There are many things Bethesda does well but here are some things we are wanting and expecting to see.

Online Mode

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Fallout has not had  great online options. However, the rumor is that Bethesda is going to tackle this one by putting an online survival mode. I truly hope this means a game kind of like the original H1Z1 and not a battle royale mode. It would give console gamers a new feel and interest. The battle royale thing is getting super played out since Fortnite and PUBG, plus Red Dead Redemption is rumored to have a battle royale mode.

Story Mode

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This story mode can be very different if they want. This is a huge prequel for this game because this game is going to take place 25 years after the bombs dropped. Also in the trailer, Country Roads is playing in the background which probably means this game will mainly take place in  West Virginia and it makes since due to the mentioning of Vault 76 in Fallout 3 being near the Virginia area. There is only one person shown in the trailer and this very well could be our bad guy. It will be interesting seeing how the wastelands look once we escape the vault.

The Detail and Easter Eggs

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This series is very rich in interesting settings and details. I hope they continue this in Fallout 76. In Fallout 4, one of the main cities was Diamond City. Diamond City was obviously paying homage to Fenway Park in Boston, and it looked beautiful. Given, there is not much to see in West Virginia, but they can make the country side look amazing. Another part they do good at is the Easter eggs. It is always refreshing to see something you recognize randomly in a game. This game is sort of an Easter egg itself. However, here is all the Easter eggs that were found in Fallout 4.

What would you like to see in Fallout 76? Let us know in the comments. Unfortunately, I do not think we will hear anything else for this game until E3. However, thank you for spending apart of your Friday and stay tuned in for more fresh daily content from me and the rest of the Mid-American crew,

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