Dynamic Rapper/Producer Duos of Hip Hop.

Hey friends, Jordan again with another post. Over the past couple years or so my colleagues and I have become aware of some Rapper/Producer duos that work so significantly well together that we don’t want them to work with anybody else.

21 Savage & Metro Boomin21

The first experience I had with these two was with the release of the collaboration project Savage Mode in 2016. 21 Savage was named a 2016 XXL Freshman shortly before the project dropped. Savage Mode was home to 21’s hits X and No Heart as well as my personal favorite track Ocean Drive. Metro’s masterful beats underneath 21’s grisly voice is a combination that should never be separated. The entire project is a masterpiece (even though Bad Guy and Mad High are quite literally the same song). Savage Mode is a project that will leave you satisfied from start to finish, I highly recommend giving it a listen if you haven’t already.

The latest and greatest collaboration from 21 and Metro would be Without Warning, a 10 track project which also included Migos member Offset that released on Halloween of 2017. Without Warning was in my top 5 projects released in 2017. Every single track can be considered a banger. 21 definitely stepped up his lyrical game and Offset was just being Offset. That trio made something beautiful and I hope for more greatness in the future.

Playboi Carti & Pierre Bournemaxresdefault

With my favorite project of 2017 coming from these two, there’s no doubt that I had to include them in this post. Carti and Pierre create a wave like no other and I am on board full-send. The instant you hear the iconic hi-hat rhythm or the “Yo Pierre, you wanna come out here?” on a Carti track is when you know you’re in for a treat. Magnolia, dothatshit!, Lookin, New Choppa, NO. 9; all bangers. It took everything in me not to list the whole damn project.

Carti just released his newest album Die Lit and it’s nothing short of brilliant as well. Features from Young Thug, Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert and more brings an amazing vibe to the album overall and was more than I could’ve asked for in a project. (Especially Young Thug, he’s so damn cool)

Ski Mask the Slump God & Ronny Jronny-j-andnbspki-mask-the-slump-god.png

Although Ski’s recent releases have been a bit disappointing, this duo makes for one energetic sound. Ski comes with a crazy flow and paired with Ronny J’s outlandish beats is rarely disappointing. Take a Step Back is a perfect example of the crazy ride of a song that these two can create, especially with the help of XXXTentacion’s feature. The clever fast-flow energetic Ski Mask is the good Ski Mask, not the “repeat the name of the song and ad-libs over and over” Ski Mask. When these two join forces, they can make some wild music, and I hope they bless our ears again soon.

That’s it from me today, be sure to check out our other writers and Weekly Waves Vol. 32!

Author: Jordan Miller

19 year old college student and gaming enthusiast. I post on Wednesdays.

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