Another Music Highlight: masakiio

The leader of a Cleveland music collective…

So that was where I first heard masakiio’s music. That song is called “OFF!” and it goes.

When I first listened to it I thought the voice was weird, but I actually love it now. Also, “steady chasing diamonds like a fuckin sim” is as perfect a line as anyone could ask for.

“money” is a different tone, still the wavy and experimental vibes and still a bop.

This one features a few members of his Cleveland based group “The Archaic“, it features some clever Dragon Ball wordplay a few minutes in, who doesn’t love that?

masakiio makes music that you can milly rock too but also that you can chill too, his flow is great, his bars are hard, his vibe is wavy, he’s great, check out the whole gang’s Soundcloud page here, I highly recommend following his Twitter cause he has an EP on the way and you’re not gonna want to miss that.

Thanks for reading guys. Check out masakiio if you know whats good for you.

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