Tweet 👏 Review 👏 (1st ed.)

Reviewing tweets one clap a time…

In the 1st edition of Tweet Review were going to talk about two viral messages that have already came and gone in the spotlight, and theres really only one place it would make sense to start with.

A couple of thoughts initially come to mind when reading this tweet, like that country music is atrocious, that if you really wanted to know how to treat a girl right you should just listen to K-Pop (everyone knows that), that this chick shouldn’t look to photography apps for life changing statements, and I can go on and on. Instead of me running my mouth lets take a look at what other people said.

But with these humorous replies came hundreds of country fans prepared to defend this tweet with their lives. As much as I wanna say this is a terrible thing to have go viral and that country music is far from the only place to hear positive relationship lyrics, she has a point…. Until you’re standing, holding a rake, witnessing the raw power of a tractor and thinking about your girl in that moment, you just don’t get the true meaning of country music…

Now to rate this tweet…

Tractor : 1

Now for part two of Tweet Review (1st Ed.)

Thats one helluva tweet. Half of the replies are people sharing their battery percentages and half of them are addressing the real problem, what the hell is he doing on the Olive Garden app thats absolutely devouring his battery???

And it even managed to catch the attention of breadstick heaven…

This tweet is great, very funny, got a lot of people in the replies to be confused and say “Are we just going to ignore the high use of Olive Garden?????”, its funnier when people have to try and explain a good joke to themselves(?) and everyone else.

Now to rate this tweet…

Breadsticks : 1

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnddddddddd for lightning tweet.

1 : 1


I hope you guys enjoyed Tweet Review (1st ed.) because I definitely wanna do more of this. Give me a retweet or a like if you enjoyed it and check out our other posts throughout the week and our Weekly Waves playlist thanks for reading guys!!!

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