Another Music Highlight: Linno

I’ve been waiting for a good time to do this one…

Tre Linno has been locked up since I discovered him and now he’s free.

This was how I learned of Linno, thats a really gangster Tweet so I had to look into who her man was.

That was the first song I heard, I was pretty happy to see a video with it. Linno vibing over the icytwat beat gives a very appealing aesthetic.

With just 9 tracks its easy to cruise through Linno’s catalog which has somewhat varying vibes and energies.

Giving off Lil Boat vibes with this one, Linno glides through his bars with a catchy hook. Thats pretty different from this song.

On “Baudle lane” Linno offers a more aggressive tone with consistently smooth bars.

“Madness” is my favorite Linno track which I’ve come back to several times since seeing his girlfriend’s tweet. The way he flows over that vicious bass sounds perfect.

Linno sounds like he would’ve been the hardest guy in Odd Future 7 years ago but now he wears the new wave sound and is paving his own lane. Now that he’s free and this happened…

…hopefully we can get some new Linno tracks soon.

Follow him on Twitter at @Trelinno and on Soundcloud at Linno and watch for him to drop something new, he’s gonna blow up soon.

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