Top Five Golf Video Games

Golf is one of the most difficult sports to master, but video game adaptations of the sport are some of the most addicting games one can play. Today, I decided to count down my top five favorite golf video games. So, let’s get to it!

#5: Golden Tee Golf II


I remember on vacation once, a cabin my family and I stayed in had an arcade cabinet of this game, and I had a blast playing it. The game, while being louder than hell, was unique in the fact that you controlled your golfer’s swing with a trackball, and the graphics had that charming 90s-arcade look. Even though I’ve never seen that cabinet again, I’d imagine I’d have just as much fun playing it again now as I did back then.

#4: Golf (NES)


Out of all the NES Sports series, this one is probably my favorite (along with Tennis). This game had a surprising amount of strategy for a game this old, and the innovative power bar control scheme would be influential for most golf games to follow. The sound effects are awesome too, and the part of the course in this game would later be remade for Wii Sports.

#3: Rory McIlroy’s PGA Tour


This game, released in 2015, is notable in that it was the first PGA Tour game since 1998 to not have Tiger Woods in the name. Sadly though, it looks like this’ll be the last PGA Tour game made by EA Sports. This game was a ton of fun, and it’s been one of the PS4 games I’ve played the most. The career mode is especially fun, being able to customize your golfer with a wide variety of gear and outfits – even being able to specify what day you want your golfer to wear certain outfits. The controls are simple to understand, but that doesn’t make the game too easy. There’s still plenty of difficulty – especially when putting. The game also has an amazing atmosphere with picturesque graphics and nice ambient music. I highly recommend any sports fan to pick this game up. You won’t be disappointed.

#2: Mario Golf (N64)


One might see the association with everyone’s favorite Italian plumber and assume that this is a dumbed-down version of a very complex sport. And they’d be very much mistaken, because this game is just as strategic as EA Sports’ PGA games. Each character has certain stats that benefit or hinder them in certain situations. Also, the courses in this game are all uniquely designed with fun Mario themes –such as Toad Highlands, Yoshi’s Island, Shy Guy Desert, and the haunted Boo Valley. Mastering the power shot and smashing it right onto the green is so satisfying, and nailing a putt while the intense music is playing is always sweet. Simply put, this game is simply a blast.

#1: Wii Sports


While the other sports in Wii Sports are all fun in their own rights, the golf is the one that keeps me coming back after all these years. It’s not as complex as Mario Golf or PGA Tour, and the graphics aren’t as nice as PGA Tour, but what Wii Sports Golf excels at is making you want to improve after every time you play. That’s what makes this game so damn addicting. Every time you finish a round, you immediately want to play another one, and that’s exactly what any sports game should be.

Thank you all so much for reading! Disagree with my picks? Let me know in the comments. Make sure you check out all the other content here at Mid-American Culture, as well as our weekly playlist. Follow me on Twitter @coryedwards50, and follow the site @M_American_C. See you all next time.

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