Scorpion-Drake: In-Depth Review

In the unlikely event that someone reading this is unaware, Drake released his newest album, Scorpion, five days ago. The album is currently shattering several streaming records on various platforms. Upon release, the album drew large amounts of praise from loyal fans, its fair share of hate from those predisposed to disliking Drake, and mixed reactions from various media outlets. As I have confessed any number of times before, I am a huge Drake fan. This inevitably impacts the way I view the album. If my take comes off as too biased, there are plenty of other reviews out there, including one from a self-confessed Drake hater at Mid-American Culture, available here. For my review, I will go song-by-song and briefly say what I liked or disliked about it and at the end, I will give my final thoughts on the album.


A Side

Survival- Drake never disappoints on his intros. Pretty much every intro he has done has been solid. I really liked the “Mount Rushmore” line at the start of the song. I love me some overconfident Drizzy.

Nonstop- This track appears to be the most popular new song on the album, which upon first listen, I did not see coming. However, after a few more listens, I can somewhat see it. The track is catchy and Drake’s delivery is pretty enjoyable.

Elevate- I didn’t find this track to be anything particularly special. It isn’t bad by any means. It just doesn’t stand out to me.

Emotionless- This is one of my favorite tracks on the entire album. The production on this track is absolutely outstanding and Drake addressing real issues in his life always makes for enjoyable music.

God’s Plan- Released before the album, the song is a huge hit. The video is amazing and the song is solid.

I’m Upset- Also released before the album. Average Drake song. Not bad, not amazing.

8 Out of 10- I love the delivery of this track. The way Drake hits the beat running, so to speak, is awesome. The beat is solid and this is one of the more standout tracks from the A Side of the album.

Mob Ties- Another standout track, Mob Ties has a catchiness that not a lot of songs have. Drake changes up his delivery a good bit out of his typical comfort zone here and I found it really enjoyable.

Can’t Take A Joke- This track features some of the best bars on the album. The beat is one of the better ones and I like this track a lot.

Sandra’s Rose- I was expecting this one to be really deep and passionate, given it is named after Drake’s mother. I was wrong. The song isn’t bad, but it’s not anything that stood out to me either.

Talk Up- This is my favorite song on the A Side. The track features one of the hardest beats Drake has ever rapped over. I’m not a big Jay-Z fan by any means but his guest verse is phenomenal. The last few bars of his verse are stellar.

Is There More- This track is very meh. It didn’t do much of anything for me.

B Side

Peak- Not a bad introduction to the R&B side of the album. The instrumentals and overall production are top-notch.

Summer Games- This song is a brilliant commentary on modern relationships. It’s songs like this with relatable aspects in which Drake is at his best.

Jaded- I don’t know who broke Drake’s heart, but the world needs to take a moment to collectively thank them. Jaded is one of Drake’s all-time great feels songs. I love it. It is probably the best song on Side B.

Nice For What- Released before the album. This is a solid club banger.

Finesse- The chorus of this song is excellent. As stupid as this sounds, I love the way Drake says “finesse”. It is definitely my favorite part of the whole song.

Ratchet Happy Birthday- This is the worst song on the entire album. It has few, if any, redeeming qualities. With that being said, I’m probably still going to bump it when my birthday rolls around.

That’s How You Feel- I wasn’t feeling this song at all until the Nicki Minaj snippets. They kept me hyped up for the rest of the song.

Blue Tint- This is a Drake and Future song about being rich. It is a classic formula that rarely disappoints. This is a solid track.

In My Feelings- I was very let down by this song. When I saw it on the tracklist, I assumed it would be a Marvin’s Room caliber feels song. It isn’t a bad song by any means. It just isn’t what I expected and it is very hard to get past that.

Don’t Matter To Me- This is the song that I was most excited for on Scorpion. I love Michael Jackson and the concept of the biggest music stars from two different generations on the same song together is very appealing. I think MJ would have approved. I know I did.

After Dark- This is another one of the stronger songs on the entire album. The Ty Dolla $ign feature is superb.

Final Fantasy- This is the most underrated song on the entire album. I have hardly heard anyone really talk about it. I can’t overstate how good it really is.

March 14- This is the song that everyone who followed Drake’s drama leading up to the album release was waiting for. He addresses his son and the controversy that surrounds him. In my opinion, he handled the entire situation in the best way possible and listening to this song makes me happy. You can hear the love Drake has for his son and it makes me smile.


Overall, I give the album a 7.5/10. I think this is probably Drake’s 4th best project. This sounds negative,  but given how highly I think of the top 3, this is actually a fairly complementary ranking. Scorpion sounds fairly similar to the sounds of Views and More Life. If you enjoy this type of sound, you will like Scorpion very much. If you do not enjoy the more recent Drake projects, there is a good chance Scorpion isn’t for you. Myself being such a big Drake fan, I highly recommend the album and feel that Drake certainly delivered, as he always does.

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