Kustom Kreams: A One-Visit Analysis

Ever since I first saw rolled ice cream on a Facebook video a long time ago, I always thought it would be a neat thing to try. Thankfully, a rolled ice cream establishment opened up in Huntington recently, and I finally decided to give it a visit.

Kustom Kreams is located on 4th Avenue in Huntington, and they have a wide variety of rolled ice cream flavors on their menu. Right away, the aesthetic of the place caught my eye: the charming chalkboard menu, the brick wall (a perfect background for any dessert photo-takers), and the pink and white striped wall with their logo.



Here’s their menu

A small ice cream dessert costs $4, and a regular size costs $5. I went with the Cookie Monster flavor, which features vanilla ice cream base, Oreos, and Chips Ahoy. The blue food coloring added helps tie it in with the name, and provides an aesthetic touch. Chase went with the Oreo, opting to pass on the whipped cream and extra cookie crumbles.

Here’s Chase’s dessert

I must admit, it was pretty cool seeing the workers prepare the ice cream rolls right in front of your eyes on the super cold anti-griddles. The rolls themselves also look pretty cool, and the toppings just put it over the top. I mean, just look at how good this looks:

Simply wonderful

The ice cream tasted great too, and I was surprised that the ice cream wasn’t too hard or too soft. It was right between a soft-serve and right out of the freezer consistency. The Oreos and Chips Ahoys just blended with the ice cream so perfectly, and the whipped cream was a nice touch.

Overall, Kustom Kreams is just about a perfect ice cream experience. Friendly workers, unique assembly, and a wide variety of options makes Kustom Kreams a must-visit for any local dessert fans. I highly recommend you all give this place a try if you haven’t yet.

Thank you all so much for reading, and make sure you check out all the other content here on the site. This week, we’re all reviewing restaurants that we were previously unfamiliar with, so keep on the lookout for more of those in the upcoming days. If you all gave Kustom Kreams a try, let me know in the comments what you thought, and make sure you check out our weekly playlist. See you all next week!

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