DP Dough: A One-Visit Analysis

DP Dough is a restaurant chain specializing in not pizza, but calzones. I had it once before, but recently I decided to try it again to really decide how it is (also Taste of Asia was too expensive).

The staff was very friendly when I picked up my food, so I have no complaints there. The atmosphere of the location also seemed like a fun place to hang out with friends, maybe late at night. I decided to carry out for convenience, though.

I went with the BBQ Chicken Zone and some cheese sticks. I don’t have too much to say about the cheese sticks, as they were some good cheese sticks.


The calzone, however, is an interesting story. It had chicken, bacon bits, BBQ sauce, and a lot of cheddar cheese.


When together, all of these components blended pretty well.


Unfortunately, they’re not together too often. All of the chicken, sauce, and bacon seemed to be located down the halfway line. Personally, I would’ve liked the ingredients to be spread out a little more, but I get that that may not be doable in a calzone.


To conclude, I’m going to say that DP Dough is a good restaurant. The cheese sticks were good, and the calzone was alright. However, I’d recommend you get a calzone with more traditional pizza toppings, as they’re probably better. I liked DP Dough, but it’s nothing to write home about.

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 3.15.15 PM.png

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