Summon Skeleton (Conjure Mistman)


Summoning a skeleton or conjuring a boneman, having the undead for backup is always helpful.

Conjuration – the performance of something supernatural by means of a magic incantation or spell. In terms of The Elder Scrolls it is the school of magic involving raising the dead, trapping souls, summoning creatures, etc. It also happens to be home to my spell of choice in the games. Many years ago my uncle got me obsessed with Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion a game beyond anything I had ever seen before. Eventually I got lucky enough to one day buy the game for myself and my life was forever changed. Spells, swords, demons, goblins, orcs, unicorns, and cat-like humanoids populate the world with many other creatures and beings. In my earliest days of roaming Tamriel I would opt for an archer style of play. This was great if I could finish enemies from a distance but that wasn’t always the case. From time to time I would have to resolve to pulling out a sword and getting my butt kicked from time to time. Eventually I came across a technique that worked wonders for me. (Enter Skeleton)




I could summon the hero you see pictured above and he could wield his axe and rain down blow after blow on unsuspecting enemies. While the enemy is occupied with my skeletal comrade I’m landing hidden headshots on my foes, thus doing several times the previously available damage. Together we rescued the Empire from the Oblivion Crisis and honestly, we did it in style.


Then along comes Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim if not my favorite game of all time, it’s very close. Skyrim is a part of the Tamriel Empire that is being overcome with Civil War and dragons rising from the dead. Awesome video game that is beautiful and wonderfully in-depth. Sadly, Summon Skeleton, my left hand man from the previous game was missing from this new adventure. Heartbroken I tried to replace my gaunt amigo for a a conjured “Dremora Lord” which…

While being about 17 time more badass,  powerful (at times stronger than me), and hilarious than Skeleton, it wasn’t the same… Eventually I gave up on the school of Conjuration and didn’t give it another thought. Then about a year after Skyrim‘s original release date the large and wonderful DLC titled Dawnguard was released entering the war on vampires. While it gave us an epic new line of quests and a follower to truly fall in love with, a staggeringly joyful addition made through this DLC was a group of Conjuration spells. These spells granted you access to…




…a purple flamed demon horse and a skeletal wizard, warrior, and archer. Now obviously you guys can understand why this would be fantastic. Unfortunately, while all 3 conjured allies are powerful and helpful to have… None of them are my guy 😦 That isn’t to say that I don’t love Mistman, in my time without a skeleton I had to move away from an archer. I now wield 2 extremely powerful swords and run through my enemies, but having the Mistman who uses ice related spells is quite helpful. Not to mention he really helps out around the house, too.


Mistman taking care of my kids


Mistman making dinner, thanks Boneman!!!

So I’m certainly grateful for these undead chums, but in The Elder Scrolls VI (????) or perhaps the more Oblivion appearing Elder Scrolls: Blades (this year) I have my fingers crossed to get my old friend back.

Thanks for reading my testimony to an old friend guys, I hope you enjoyed it. Come back throughout the week for fresh content daily from the MAC staff and be sure to check out our Weekly Waves playlist while you’re at it.

See you next time!!!




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