A Bird to Bring you Inner Peace

A heartwarming story about a Korean bird.

You might remember my blog post Videos to Bring you Inner Peace about YouTube/Twitch prince @Syrmor. In 2 of his recent videos he has brought a Korean man to fame, that’s actually somewhat serious. Well over a million views between the videos, plus he has a Discord server and Twitter account that have plenty of people involved, not to mention the fame caught attention of some folks that actually offered our Korean friend a job.


The first one is mostly just hilarious.

The ending definitely felt like a set up for a sequel, don’t you think?

Here it is, a bit longer, but a masterpiece to say the least.

Hopefully that isn’t the last we see of, “The Adventures of Syrmor and Leo”

Thanks for reading and I hope you guys stay up to date on these dudes, you can follow Leo on Twitter at @Kor_Leonie so be sure to do that!

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